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As we already discussed, Mordecai is probably one of the most well-known characters in the show. He’s known for his quirky personality, wacky humor, and impressive knowledge base. His vast general knowledge has made him a fan favorite!

Many people know Mokus as the “Mordecian Dialect” which is basically just an ever changing slang word mix that he uses to describe things. This includes terms like “twerkle,” “turdbomb,” and even some Tupac lyrics!

He also loves classic rock songs such as Bruce Springsteen songs, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen. These are all very popular music genres that almost anyone can relate to at least slightly.

However, not everyone knows what kind of music other people listen to. It may be hard to believe but there are actually people out there who don’t know any types of music beyond maybe hip hop or pop.

That’s why in this article I will talk about some regular show songs that contain little references to other styles of music. You will learn three new songs and two tips on how to improve your own music listening skills.

The Grand Opening

regular show rock music

As we mentioned earlier, Mordecai and Rigby have spent their whole lives waiting for someone to come along and inspire them to be musicians. Their constant reminder is that they are always inspired by music, so if you want to know what kind of music you should listen to, then just start listening to music!

That was pretty much their motto ever since they discovered music as kids. When they were younger, they would play songs off of albums because they heard sounds or melodies in those songs that shaped how they played guitar.

As they got older, they learned more about making music using instruments like guitars, pianos, drums, etc. However, even though they made attempts to learn how to play these instruments, they never really picked up any skills beyond being able to make some noise.

This didn’t stop them from trying to teach themselves how to play however, and eventually they taught themselves how to play the bass.

Breaking Out

regular show rock music

As show characters constantly remind us, it’s not very often that people come together to do something beyond what they already are. It’s more likely that you’ll find someone who was given a task and now she’s trying to be the best at doing her job like everyone else, but never got asked to try something new.

That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with being good at your current position though! Being great in your field is awesome, and if you ever feel like you could take it one step further then go for it.

It may sound crazy, but breaking out is always worth considering. Even if you don’t think you can excel beyond your current role, you might discover you can when you give it a shot. You know, like how Mordecai literally had to be convinced he wasn’t the world’s greatest janitor before figuring out he could wash his own hair.

The same thing happens with music. I’m sure we all have a favorite song or songs of theirs that many of them have never listened to because it sounds so different from their usual style. That doesn’t make either one bad however, and sometimes those artists will write an album focused entirely on that one track!

Music breaks down genre barriers

We spend a lot of time defining genres of music, creating categories for things that share similarities.

The Chicken Dance

The chicken dance was first seen in an episode of Cartoon Network’s sitcom, Clarence. In this scene, we see him walking down the street with his dog when he is interrupted by two chickens dancing together. He watches them for several minutes before getting distracted by something else and leaving.

He returns some time later to find that they have gathered quite a crowd and are still going strong! People are having fun watching them dance so he joins in. Before long people start copying their moves making it its own style, the chicken dance. Since then, the chicken dance has spread all over the world and even made it onto YouTube.

Not only does it bring smiles to others’ faces, but many use it as a way to motivate themselves into doing things they would not normally do.

The Dance Dance Revolution

regular show rock music

Dancing games have always been popular, going back as far as ancient Greece! Ancient Greeks would gather in large groups to celebrate victories with dances or songs that were structured and had rules. These types of dancing are known as rhythmical dance moves or music-based dances.

The most well-known example of this is what we know today as The Party Mode in DDR. It was first made famous by Konami’s Rhythm Gaming Series (Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, etc.) back in 2002. Since then, it has become one of the biggest fads in gaming and has even spawned its own franchise.

The Banditos

regular show rock music

One of the main bands for The Powerpuff Girls is their group, The Banditoz! They make up the bulk of this show’s musical score with almost every song being an instrumental or pop-rock track.

The first few seasons feature only one full band episode (the pilot) but after that the episodes start to get longer so there are usually at least two more songs in each one.

Their music style changes season to season and even within individual episodes they switch genres and styles frequently. This makes it hard to identify some of their songs because you never really know what genre they are supposed to be.

One example of this is “I Am Weasel” which sounds like it could be anywhere from surf rock to heavy metal depending on the lyrics and how many parts of the song use those specific instruments.

Another is their theme song, titled “Blergh”, which is just kind of weird and funny at the same time. There’s not much explanation as to what it means except that it seems to have something to do with The Powerpuffs.

Mordecai And Rigby Meet

regular show rock music

As we have seen, in the very first episode of The Powerpuff Girls, there was an interesting moment when two characters interacted with each other for the first time. Two strong willed individuals who needed to work together to achieve their goal.

This concept is reprised in another show that aired its third season in early 2018. In this case, it’s even more apparent as both main characters meet for the first time.

The setting is different (one is live action movie theater, one is animated) but the theme and concepts are quite similar. Both shows feature powerful protagonists which go through various stages of development before working well together.

Regularly alternating between comedy and drama scenes, these two shows also emphasize teamwork. This can be shown through interacting with others, supporting each other, or working collectively towards a common goal.

They also share some similarities in how they relate to music. Both characters enjoy listening to music and learn something from it.

The Ice Cream Song

regular show rock music

One of the most famous songs off of The Muppets is definitely their song “The Icecream Song”. In this song, they sing about eating ice cream with chocolate sauce as it is your favorite flavor. This lyrics really show how close these muppet characters are to each other.

All of them have separate lives outside of work but when you get them all together its like there is no space or time between them. They make sure everyone else in the office has lunch with them and they eat lunch together often.

They also spend lots of time hanging out after work so that people can visit each other for late night hangouts. All of this comes full circle when they celebrate an achievement together. It creates such a strong bond among everyone.

This article will talk more about The Muppets and what sets them apart from others.

Songify My Heart

regular show rock music

Let’s talk about one of our favorite songs off The Greatest Story Ever Told, “Songify Your Heart!” For those that don’t know, this song is about two broken down friends who make a bet to see which one can sing the most beautiful tunes.

The lyrics in this song are very powerful and motivational with references to faith, hope, and love. This makes it an excellent choice for people struggling to find their inner strength or need inspiration.

Music has always been a medium that connects people together and “Songify Your Heart” is no exception. Many famous lines were directly inspired from music already known by the listener, making it perfect stealth plagiarism.

The writers of the song needed a hook so they made up their own, adding in some extra phrases and then altering the original melody slightly to fit the rhythm. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what you call these new bits of music as long as someone else had them first.

That person would be a genius, and we should all strive to be considered intelligent and talented.

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