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Posted by Mike Schumacher

A show that focuses almost exclusively on music is not for anyone, unless you are very passionate about music! If you love listening to songs and singing along at the top of your voice, then this may be your style of television watching.

For those who enjoy such a show, there are several different types of TV shows with music incorporated into them. Some use it as an integral part, while others make heavy use of it.

The format of some shows uses the song as a theme or topic for each episode, making it more like a continuous movie rather than a series of separate stories. Others use the music in a way that is more narrative-focused, telling a story through the lyrics and incorporating the soundtrack into the plot.

There are many ways that music can be used in television, but none so heavily as our number one choice today! So let’s take a look at five rock music tvmovies that get totally immersed in their themes!
Beware though, if these movies don’t appeal to you then we probably shouldn’t tell you too much about the rest of the show because some parts could easily become boring and/or annoying.

The Beatles

rock music tv show

After forming in Hamburg, Germany in 1959, The Beatles made their televised debut as guests of Dick Clark’s What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? show in England in January 1964. They performed three songs: “Twist And Shout,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and “And I Love her.”

The next day though, British television viewers were treated to something different. Instead of watching The Beatles perform again, they watched Paul McCartney play his bass guitar behind another musician. This other musician was playing what sounded like an instrumental version of the song “Happy Birthday!”

Many people assumed that this was just part of the performance since it seemed so natural for the artist to be celebrating someone else’s birthday. Some even speculated whether or not the two artists had worked together before in some way.

The Doors

rock music tv show

After hearing about their music for several years, I finally gave in and watched an episode of The Channel 101 TV show that features a new tinge of every genre of music under the sun. For this week’s featured song, they chose to focus on rock music TV shows.

The first thing you will notice when watching The Channel 101 is that there are no female hosts. This could be because most of the songs being played feature male vocals, or it could just be because the show is geared more towards men.

Anyways, the next thing you will see while listening to The Doors’ “Light My Fire” is that the audience seems mostly made up of teens and twenty somethings. This is probably due to the fact that this band is almost universally recognized as one of the greatest bands ever!

After the song ends, the host asks if anyone has ever listened to anything like this before and everyone laughs and says yes. He then states how great this band was and why people should listen to them.

Pink Floyd

rock music tv show

One of the most well-known music groups to come out of England is definitely Pink Floyd. The band formed in London in 1965 when guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Roger Waters met bass player, singer, and writer David Gilmour. They both attended Cambridge University and shared a passion for music that led to their partnership as musicians.

Gilmour was already familiar with Waters’ work due to his earlier band, Syd Barrett (his former stage name). As a student, he had written some songs which he later reworked into what would become one of his best known tracks, “Comfortably Numb.”

The two wrote several more songs together before recruiting keyboardist Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mclnty. With their new lineup complete, they took their first step towards success by performing at local pubs and clubs.

In February 1969, the group landed its break through after winning a contest sponsored by BBC radio station Radio City. Their prize? A slot on New Year’s Eve broadcast!

Their debut performance came three months later during this event. Although it didn’t rank highly within the British public, many consider it to be among the greatest live albums ever made because of how candid it sounds. For example, you can easily hear members talking or singing over each other, but the overall effect is powerful and immersive.

Since then, Pink Floyd has released nine studio albums and two compilations.

Bob Dylan

rock music tv show

Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in New York City in 1941, his childhood was spent listening to music of all types. His parents were both musical, with his father playing guitar for several bands he formed and later leading. He played bass and sang when he was younger and learned how to play piano as an adult.

His mother played violin and cello and performed in local orchestras and concerts. She eventually gave up performing due to laryngitis but remained active musically by teaching others.

He grew up watching musicians perform and learning about song structure from those artists. It is no surprise then that early influences include singers such as Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, along with rock groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Dylan began writing songs at age fifteen and has continued ever since. Since breaking onto the scene in 1963 with the album _Blonde On Blondes_, he has continually written new material while also touring non-stop.

Since his first major hit in 1965, “Mr. Spaceman”, he has gone on to win six Grammys, two Oscars, and many other awards for his work.

Bruce Springsteen

rock music tv show

As we discussed earlier, there are many different types of music TV shows, but none quite like The Boss! His style is always unique and he never fails to put his own touch into each song or performance.

Springsteen has written songs about almost every major topic, including politics (Emancipation!), religion (Born Again), love (I Wish I Were Your Girl), life as a struggle (Dancing in the Dark) and death (Tunnel of Love). He also uses his music to promote social justice issues suchas poverty (Johnny 99), racism (Living In The Future), and gender inequality (Woman Is Like A Cat).

These lyrics make an incredible listening experience because they tell you something new while still putting a strong hold on you. Not only that, but his music can be motivational or inspiring, which makes him worthy of your time every once in a while.

Jimi Hendrix

rock music tv show

As we continue our list of music TV show retrospectives, let’s take a look at one that may surprise you. Many consider The Tube to be the definitive music television show, but not many know it as having had its own spin-off series!

In 1995, Channel 4 in the UK commissioned their own half hour show called Jam (the name is also used for the main show). It featured eight celebrities who competed in different musical games while being narrated by comedian Sean Hughes.

The show ran for two seasons before being cancelled due to low ratings. However, it did have some success off screen with several contestants later marrying or forming relationships with each other.

Two of these couples include Pete Waterfield (who went on to marry his colleague Dawn French) and Lauren Dailey, and Jo Hemingway and Matt Stange. Others including David Gandy and Sarah Chambers remain close friends even though she now works for him.

Led Zeppelin

As discussed earlier, there are several reasons why listening to music while working or studying is effective. One of these being how it helps create focused time sets. Listening to music can be a nice break away from other things you have going on.

Another reason is that music can help pass time. You can listen to an album while you work, study, or do anything else. It can get you through times when you feel tired or lazy.

And lastly, music can make you feel better or happier. Some songs can make you happy, whereas others may need changing.

Artist/bands such as Led Zeppelin know what they’re doing! They made many great albums throughout their career, with all types of music. What makes them different than any other band is that every song has strong lyrics and melodies that stick in your mind. This article will talk about one of their most famous songs, “Stairway To Heaven.

Dave Matthews

rock music tv show

One of the most well-known bands in music is Dave Matthew’s Band (DMB for short). The band formed back in 1989 when guitarist/lead singer Dave Matthews decided to start his own band after being inspired by the songs he was listening to at the time. He recruited bassist Jeff Camp, drummer Chris Liddell, and rhythm guitarists Tom Cochrane and Steve Miller.

The group made their official recording debut with the album Aint No Party Like a DMB Christmas! In 1991 and it quickly became one of the biggest selling albums of that year. Since then the band has gone onto have nine studio albums and two live albums under their belt.

Their first major hit came in 1997 with “Stay What You’re Is.” This song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well as reaching number three on the Adult Contemporary charts. Another popular track is “Away We Went.” It spent eight weeks at number one on the US Country Airplay Chart in 2009. That same year they released an EP titled If I Had Time To Take Forever As Long As There Was Someone For Me Then Yes, I Would But Now Maybe Not.

Dave Matthews is probably best known for his vocals. He usually sings lead vocal parts in almost every song he writes and performs. Many people refer to him as the voice of the band because of this. His signature falsetto sound is what sets his music apart from others.

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