Rock Songs With Good Drum Beats – A Discussion

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss rock songs with good drum beats. If you have tried to sing a song with good drum beats then you know the great difficulty of trying to convey something that is technically incorrect while singing.

There is always a possibility of what seems to be a hard-core drum beat seeming to “jump out” and spoil the song. This article will address that possibility with some simple tips.

Remember to emphasize the second hit of the kick drum, unless there is a softer hit that has a decay before the second kick hits.

If the kick drum is playing a steady 4/4 beat then you do not need to play it out. If there is a tempo that allows for multiple kick drum hits then play them in pairs.

Keep the snare drum sounding as if it is in the center of the beat.

Pick the right time in the song to change your ride cymbal pattern. If it feels odd change it, but don’t play something else at the same time.

The song will be fine until the listener realizes that you are dropping something that makes sense.

If you are using 3-part cymbal pattern then play the first one on the left instead of the right. This gives the player an easy-to-remember cue to press down on the cymbal.

It also has a more complex, but more melodic, sound.

Keep the ride cymbal on the top of the beat

man learning drums

In some songs, play the first beat as a trill and the second as a cymbal.

The kick drum has to come in on the beat. This means that you can’t put a slap or chime type of sound on the kick drum or you will sound like your playing it at the wrong time.

The snare drum is going to be the last sound of the drum section. The snare drum is going to be the first sound of the rhythm section.

Make sure that your accent from the cymbal’s decay is about 10 to 15 milliseconds away from the kick drum’s decay.

A good guide is to start the pause at the end of the attack of the kick drum, and keep it a little longer than the end of the decay of the kick. This will allow you to play a strong right hand flourish.

When drumming, especially drumming in rock and roll, timing is the most important part of drumming. It is the basis for all of your drumming, as it is when every action in the music is done to a strict timing schedule.

These tips should help you when you are learning to drum. If you have any other tips you would like to share or any errors you find while learning to drum, please leave a comment.

All albums with good drum beats

close up photo of drum set

Man, I’ve found a lot of rock songs with fantastic drum beats.

I know that’s the kind of phrase that bores people out of rock music, but if you ever find yourself in the car listening to something and think, “They are going to play this song in the future because they are too cool to be playing anything else,” then you should check out any of these songs.

So, without further ado, here are my choices for the best rock songs with good drum beats:

#1 – “Black Smoke Rising” by Avenged Sevenfold

If I had to choose the third best rock song with good drum beats, this one would be it. While it would appear to be a heavier track, it is far from it.

This song is a lot more understated, it has subtlety that carries it, and it has fun drums that fit the theme.

#2 – “Here Comes the Flood” by Machine Head

I’ve already had this song in this list for an album that’s called “God Damn Evil” so you would think that I have my mind made up about it.

It is, however, not the third best song with good drum beats on that album. No, it’s the second best, but, what can I say, it’s my list.

“Here Comes the Flood” is a bombastic and fun song, and it seems to be made to be played in clubs. The entire album has a good mix of heavy and heavier songs.

“Here Comes the Flood” might be the best example of that, but it is not a better song than some of the others on that album, so it can’t take the top spot.

#3 – “Symmetry” by Five Finger Death Punch

This is my number four pick on my list, but it’s the first one that surprised me the most when I listened to it.

Yes, it is heavy and loud and similar to “Bullet in the Head” and “Grinding Hymns” but the drum beats are better.

For some reason, all of the Five Finger Death Punch albums seem to have drum beats that are better than other bands of its genre. I think that makes it a great song.

#4 – “Collide with the Sky” by Five Finger Death Punch

This is my number two pick on my list. It is a soft and slow rock song, but it is so good.

The drum beats have some excellent energy, the instruments blend well, and the vocals sound great. This is what it’s like to hear live with a drum solo.

#5 – “Never Before” by Five Finger Death Punch

The song that puts Five Finger Death Punch on my list.

It’s this short, pretty song. It’s more of a ballad than anything.

It reminds me a lot of “Bullet in the Head” for some reason, and it has a similar drum beat. It is in fact very similar to the drum beat in the chorus of that song, but the song is still unique.

This song is different, in a good way.

#6 – “Still with Me” by Evanescence

Evanescence is a very, very hard band to describe. There’s so much going on on their albums, but it works well together.

Their last two albums were weird for me, but this one isn’t.

It has some great, heavy songs, but there’s also some lighter songs as well. This is the best of the heavier, yet still upbeat songs.

#7 – “End of the Beginning” by Evanescence

This is my number one pick. It’s got everything. The drums, the bass, the vocals, the lead guitar.

This is just a solid, heavy rock song. This is the best in my opinion, and it’s the best to me.

It’s a fast, heavy rock song with some great drums. It’s also got some good guitar riffs and different melodies.

If you don’t like Evanescence, then you shouldn’t even bother listening to this song. It’s one of the best songs of this decade.

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