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Posted by Mike Schumacher

Did you know that every letter of the alphabet is sung to in a song? There’s an A song, a B song, and so forth until we get to Z! Some people may recognize some of these songs from TV or films, but many have never heard them sang aloud before.

Mostly, they’re just fun to listen to as music.

But why not use those songs for educational purposes?! You can sing each letter along with the song, teaching yourself or your kids about letters and literacy at the same time!

There are several ways to do this, and it really depends on how motivated you are to teach and learn.

B is for ball

t alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song with this one! The first letter of “ball” is b, so let’s say the word is “b-a-ll.” Now we sing as follows:

B-a-ll, I’m gonna get me a ball.

I’ll it play in the yard or take away all my money.

If you put it up your nose, it’s gone until you snort!

It will roll around your mouth, what to do?

Keep sucking and swallowing, don’t stop, that ain’t nice!

Don’t just sit there like a doughy dope, help me find it! – Clap along if you understand!

Take care of it, keep it clean, look after it, mind it, love it!

Give it a name, come back when it’s done, know its stuff!

This can be tricky, it might need lessons,

Try taking some before you take the plunge!

You are the best person to decide how smart it is,

And unless you have tried procreation,

Just assume it was meant to be yours.

C is for cat

t alphabet song

Let’s review! The alphabet song starts with A, which is always fun to do. Then it moves onto B as “ball of yarn”, then H as “heavenly”, I as “ice cream”, and so on. When it gets to K, you can either say “keeyo” or “keep cool” depending on if you like that phrase or not!

Most people know the rest of the songs but some don’t- they forget them or there are different versions. For example, most know the version where M says ‘mouse’ instead of marsha, but some only remember one mouse!

Anyways, let us try to learn this new song quickly! It is called the Cat Connection Sing Along by Becky Borboa.

D is for dog

t alphabet song

Let’s look at our alphabet song starting with the letter D! The first word of this sentence is “dog,” which we will say twice as quickly to make it really stick.

After saying the word “dog” two times, move your hand down and take your time saying the next few words. When you have said all the other letters, repeat the last word only this time including the letter S.

When you have fully mastered that syllable, add the rest of the sounds and then say the whole thing again just like before! This way your ears won’t get bored or distracted too much, and you will remember the lyrics more clearly.

E is for elephant

t alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song with the letter “E!” The first word will be something familiar to most people. Then, we’ll say the letter followed by a question about what kind of animal the word starts with. For our song, I’d like you to know that elephants are the second biggest mammal in the world!

I think this would make a fun learning experience for young kids who love animals. They could learn some interesting information about elephants while singing along to our new song.

F is for frog

t alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song with the letter “F!” Start by singing the first line of the song, which goes like this: “The frog sat in his pond/eating some bread”. Then take a break and repeat the second part of the verse twice.

Why did he eat the whole loaf?

He was hungry because he ate too much before.

This word is spelled eating and it means to swallow something (like your food) up. He needed energy so he ate the entire loaf of bread to get it.

That’s what people who are overweight or obese can sometimes do! They eat lots of food and don’t seem to stop swallowing. Having enough nutrition is important to keep our bodies working properly. We need vitamins and minerals to survive.

But we can also be too thin because there isn’t enough nutritional material in our diets. This could make us feel tired and sick. And we might even develop health problems such as diabetes if we have no way to treat our blood glucose levels.

G is for girl

t alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song with your new best friend, the dog! The g-o-d dog knows how to sit, shake hands, and even recognizes some types of food!

The trick is to get him to teach you these things by repeating the behavior as many times as he does. For example, if you see his paw move like it’s going to take a bite out of something, try doing the same thing!

When teaching any animal new tricks, they must feel comfortable and confident in the process before progressing forward. If there are signs that this isn’t happening easily, start practicing other behaviors until the two of you connect.

This works beautifully when trying to train your puppy or cat. When they’re puppies, most people begin with basic commands such as’sit’ and ‘come here.’ As they learn more advanced behaviors, we slowly add in next steps to keep them motivated.

For instance, once their little legs are moving, asking them to ‘walk here’ can be successful! Once they walk across the room, putting up a picture or treat as reward helps promote learning.

H is for house

t alphabet song

Lets do an alphabet song in the middle of your kitchen! The music will be beautiful, I guarantee it! You can choose to sing or not depending on if you are able to. If you cannot, that’s okay too!

The lyrics for this fun little rhythm game are: “A house, A room, A place To call my own.

I is for ice cream

t alphabet song

Let’s do an alphabet song! The first letter of ice cre- what? You got it – cream! To prove that you don’t need fancy equipment to make your own delicious vanilla soft serve, we are going to make our very own batch in the microwave!

In this video, we will be making vanilla soft-serve with milk as the liquid and sugar as the sweetener. Now, remember when we said before that melting chocolate was tricky? Well, adding a couple tablespoons of water can help take the edge off!

After mixing both ingredients in a glass bowl, pour the mixture into a ziploc bag or plastic container lined with paper towels. This will keep the foam from sticking to the mouth of the bottle.

Microwave the soft-serve two minutes per side until it is completely melted. Add some extra time if there is any froth left inside the bag.

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