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Posted by Mike Schumacher

Rap music has always been full of catchy songs, but it was not until around 2000 that artists began to focus more on lyrics than just having fun with rhymes. An artist who perfected this style is someone many people know for his lyrical content-Trey Songz!

Songz uses his lyrics to talk about relationships and love, which makes sense since he is married with two kids. His clear favorite thing in life is his family, so why would he not use his art form to inspire others to aim at their own personal goals?

His most well known song is probably “Bottle Pop”, a dance anthem that encourages you to drink alcohol (the lyrics refer to liquor) and enjoy yourself.

“Bounce Back”

t la rock songs

The song “Bounce Back” is an incredible example of how to use motivational music with lyrics as a tool. It’s got a very catchy melody and rhythm, along with powerful vocals from Kierra Sheppard.

The song is about overcoming past mistakes through faith in yourself and God. Through his songs, rapper/singer TLR has inspired many people to keep moving forward towards their dreams.

TLR wrote this song after he made some bad decisions that hurt himself and others. He wanted to emphasize that it was okay to make mistakes, but you must learn from them to succeed later on.

His experiences helped him understand what things were like when he didn’t have much confidence in himself. By putting these lessons into music, he was able to share his knowledge with other people.

“Excuse Me”

t la rock songs

We begin our list of songs by doing something a little different! This one is not a song, it is an audio clip instead. In this case, it’s an audio clip of rapper The Lamborghini featuring singer/songwriter Jessica Taylor.

The song itself isn’t called anything- but what it does say makes it very clear. It says that if you’re tired of all the negativity in your life, then why don’t you just let yourself be lovable? You see, even though most people think they want to stay positive, sometimes they feel like there are too many things coming up that are negative.

So at those times, who wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t like themselves? Obviously no one. So why would anyone wanna be around you?

That’s some pretty serious advice for a music video! But either way, the message still gets across– we should always strive to make others feel good about themselves. Because as much as we may try, we can never really know how much these people care about themself until they do.

“Can’t Do Without You”

t la rock songs

If you listened to music in high school, there is a good chance that T’s “Can’t Do Without You” was one of those songs that got stuck in your head. The lyrics describe a person who feels they can’t live without their lover, so they make a decision to break up with them.

After all, what would they do if they lost this person? They clearly value you as much or more than themselves, which makes sense since you already know how important you are to her.

And even though she might feel hurt at first, she will eventually get over you because she knows that she can’t survive without you. She’ll find someone else, but it won’t be the same as having you in her life. This song really explains the importance of being loyal to people close to you- not just because you want them to like you, but also because you need them to help you enjoy times alone.

This song is about a couple breaking up, but its message could apply to anyone. Being part of a family team is very valuable, especially when no one is around. Having friends that you can call or chat with anytime helps you feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows you to relax and enjoy yourself.

“I’m a Boss”

For those who don’t know, Rocky is an iconic film that was released in 2006. The main character of the movie is Adrian (played by Sylvester Stallone) who comes from a very structured upbringing with parents he loved but never really respected. He feels his father doesn’t appreciate him and his mother spends most of her time working to make sure they have enough money for their extravagant lifestyle.

Adrian eventually decides to leave this family home to pursue what he wants out of life and he calls himself the underdog. This makes him feel good about himself as he grows up and learns how to be self-sufficient.

He meets another person at a party named Terry who seems like she could be his new sister or girlfriend. They start talking and it quickly becomes clear that she likes him too so he invites her back to his house to spend the night. She agrees!

Once they get into his car though, things take a turn. Not only does Terry not want to sleep together, she refuses to even kiss him. It’s kind of hard to enjoy your first night spent apart when you’re being asked if you wanted to fuck all day.

It takes awhile but Terry finally gives in and kisses him before getting out of the car. When she opens the door, she sees there are no lights inside so she can’t see clearly and gets scared. Luckily, Adrian turns on some music and helps calm her down.

“Live Your Life”

t la rock songs

As mentioned earlier, one of Lakai’s most famous songs is his song titled “Live your life”. In this song he tells you to go out there and live your life while also telling yourself that you are not living your life correctly. He says it is time to change how you live yours and what you do with your life.

He suggests doing things such as going to school, getting a job, starting a business, etc. After all, we spend our lives working to earn money so why don’t we use that money to help others or improve ourselves?

We spend our lives traveling in cars, eating food every day, and washing ourselves repeatedly, why don’t we try using some of that money to save the world or better our own health?

I know it may be hard at times, but sacrificing now for a brighter future is always worth it. You will feel happier later when you have done everything you wanted to achieve.

“I’m a King”

t la rock songs

In 1999, he dropped his first solo album, I’m A King. The title track is an amazing song that fully showcases what makes him so special as an artist. He raps about being rich in spirit and not wanting to let go of this feeling, which directly correlates with the songs name.

He also expresses how much he enjoys having power over other people, something that many people can relate to. This inspiration comes from his upbringing growing up watching hip hop videos and listening to stories of artists’ triumphs.

His lyrics tell tales of greatness and never letting down your guard, making it clear that he does not feel like a casual person.

“Breathe Again”

t la rock songs

In this song, I will definitely give you some tips how to improve your own breathing. The lyrics of the song include the word breathe several times. This can be done either slowly or quickly depending on what kind of breath you want to have.

You can do both slow breaths and quick breaths in this way. When doing fast breathing, just make sure your mouth is closed so that no air escapes. You can also take short breaks between each inhalation and exhalation.

I would like to add more about practicing yoga before starting this tip. It may help prevent complications while doing rapid breathing.

“Gimme Some More”

t la rock songs

As mentioned earlier, one of Rocky’s most famous songs is his hit single “Gotta Give Him Something To Work With.” This song features some incredible lyrics that emphasize how much he loves working with this person before telling them to get out. He also calls himself an excellent technician and says he will never be replaced.

He goes onto say how he would like to teach this person something but they are too busy trying to be better than him. At the end, he asks if anyone wants to learn from him then he encourages everyone to try their best and give your all because there is no replacement for effort.

This line in particular really stood out to me because it applies to almost every area of life. When you’re putting in the effort into something, someone else can always take over or do it better. You are not the only source of knowledge, which can sometimes make you feel less significant- especially when people talk about you with such high praise.

However, don’t let those words discourage you. Even though others may seem more knowledgeable at times, none of us know everything. We keep learning throughout our lives so nothing ever truly stays the same.

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