‘We Both Have Long Hair!’ The Boisterous Rock Bar Community

It’s a Friday night at Black Heart, a rock and metal pub nestled away on a Camden side street in north London. The walls and ceiling are painted black, the beer taps are adorned with antlers, and Metallica’s Enter Sandman is screaming from the speakers. As soon as the chorus begins, the whole pub bursts […]

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How To Read Music Notes For Drums – The Lessons

This article will discuss how to read music notes for drums. The first thing you will need to do is to learn the songs that are a part of your drum kit. Basic science In a normal western music scale, the beat is made up of half notes and quarter notes. When we first start […]

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How To Compose Marching Band Music – Tips To Follow

This article will give some tips about how to compose marching band music. In the world of music, I personally feel that marching band music should be written in the style of jazz music. Musicians from bands like the Utah State University drill team jazz band will tell you that their drum cadences are not […]

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