Inside Kurt Cobain’s last days opera

Blind casting … Agathe Rousselle in Last Days at the Royal Opera House. Photograph: © Camilla Greenwell 2022   It contains a thinly developed narrative, garbled speech, a recurring motif of cereal bowls, and a fast-talking cattle auctioneer who portrays his manager. We meet the group behind the risk-taking new production at the Royal Opera House. […]

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How To Enjoy Noise Music – The Rules

Find it difficult to enjoy noise music? This article will discuss how to enjoy noise music and everything that is meant by it. Just for the record, noise is a non-musical genre of music, which has a set of rules to keep it together. In fact, the moment you start listening to noise, you will […]

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How Do Animals Enjoy Music – The Analysis

This article will discuss if and how animals enjoy music. This has been a difficult question to answer for a variety of reasons. We know that animals respond to other animals’ calls or songs. They have a stronger response to calls than to songs. Other animals such as the great tit find other animals’ songs […]

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