‘He Struck a Chord': How AI Music Began in 1956

On the evening of August 9, 1956, a few hundred people crammed into a student union lounge at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, some 130 miles northwest of Chicago, for a musical recital. The launch of the Illiac Suite: String Quartet No 4, composed by a member of the chemistry department, Lejaren Hiller Jr, using […]

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Alvin Lucier, 90, American Avant-Garde Composer Passed Away

Alvin Lucier, a composer whose investigations into the physical qualities of sound established him as a key figure in the US avant-garde, has died at the age of 90. According to the New York Times, his daughter said that difficulties after a fall were the reason. "The great Alvin Lucier has died," his ex-wife Mary […]

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Elizabeth Russo and Ryan Shore on “Looking Up” with World Woman Foundation

We’re here with the opportunity to speak with the talented Elizabeth Russo and Ryan Shore. Elizabeth Russo is a profound songwriter and lyricist, as well as a 2021 Telly Award Winner. Ryan Shore is a composer, songwriter, music producer, music director, and conductor for film and TV, as well as a two-time nominee for the […]

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Timothy Stuart Jones on Composing for Duke Kahanamoku Documentary ‘Waterman’

Today we are joined by Timothy Stuart Jones. He created the signature sound for NBC’s show Chuck, and his recent work includes portions of the score for Thor: Ragnarok, The Lego Movie 2, Holmes and Watson, Connected, and The Willoughbys. Timothy has also worked with independent and emerging filmmakers. His work includes Joel David Moore’s […]

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Award-Winning Composer Julia Piker On Her New Album, Samovar

Today, London International Award-winning composer Julia Piker joins us for an insightful look into her journey and process as a self-taught composer and engineer. Julia’s latest EP, titled Samovar, is a string and electronic-heavy score that was released on June 10th. Samovar follows Julia’s first solo EP released in 2017, Biting Biding. Julia’s success in […]

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The Flexibility of Film Scoring: An Interview with Joyce Oh

Yong Yue "Joyce" Oh, who composes film music as Joyce Oh, is an international award-winning pianist and multi-instrumentalist.  One of her composition trademarks is skillfully combining orchestral music with ethnic and traditional instruments where appropriate.  Like the most successful score composers, Oh's work evolves and adapts to each project, which she recognizes as one of […]

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