Quivering in Time by Eris Drew Review – Magnificently Strong and Blissful House

Some musicians have such a powerful, real, and resonating passion for music that all they have to do is submit to the resulting ecstasy. Eris Drew, a DJ and producer from Chicago, is one of those talents, and she relishes the opportunity. Her perspective of house music taps into its potential as a vehicle for […]

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Review of the Jungle: The Great Resumption

If there was ever a moment when people yearned for simple party music, it’s now. When the constraints are lifted, the band emerges: Jungle, a duo of west London singer-producers and their five-piece backup band of live multi-instrumentalists, perform the first of four sold-out London shows before heading to the United States. They must kick […]

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What Kind Of Music Is Alternative – Get The Details

This article will discuss what kind of music is alternative and why it’s so very crucial to having a successful band. As we all know, the entertainment industry is full of weird rules and regulations. Basically, every aspect of the system we know is some form of some gimmick or trick. But how does the […]

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