Learning to Play Drums at Age 40

We’re often told that learning can begin at any age, but is it true for every skill? This article will uncover how you can learn how to play drums perfectly even at age 40! But first, let’s analyze if age really has to do anything with learning new skills. Is age really a barrier? To […]

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When Did Drums Become Popular

Drums have the most vital importance in an instrument set, but do you know how they became popular? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. But before we get into that, let’s first look at the reasons which make drums so popular. Drumming as a form of art Drumming is regarded […]

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Drummers Who Started Late in Life

Passion knows no bounds but age can sometimes play a defining factor. Is it ever too old to start playing the drums? No way! Here’s a list of several drummers who started late in their lives and still became hugely successful. But let’s first analyze what age is ideal to start playing the drums. What […]

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