Interview: DJ Stella Key (Setareh Zenouz) Talks Gear, Sets, and Checking the Vibe

We managed to snag an interview with the highly successful DJ, producer, and singer, Setareh Zenouz, who performs as Stella Key.    With over 20 million song streams, Ms. Zenouz is a globally-recognized musician whose achievements have surpassed borders and entire continents.    Her music has become a staple on some of the most respected […]

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Trax Records is accused of not paying royalties

Marshall Jefferson performing at the Tresor nightclub, Berlin, 2001. Photograph: Jim Dyson/Getty Images   More than a dozen musicians, including Marshall Jefferson and Adonis, are suing the innovative Chicago house label   According to Rolling Stone, more than a dozen musicians are suing Trax Records, a pioneering Chicago house label, as well as Screamin’ Rachael Cain, […]

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