Nobody will help us; we’ll do everything ourselves. Despite the odds, Newcastle’s vibrant DIY music scene is thriving

Left to right: Kenosist, Mariam Rezaei, Me Lost Me, Geoff Kirkwood and Late Girl. Composite: Guardian Design; Fairlight Photography; Michelle Allen; Anya Clayton   Although funding is running out and venues are shutting, the underground music scene in the north-east is booming, with everything from pagan folk to deep techno to raw noise   A 40-minute […]

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Bill Callahan: “My daughter makes me listen to Harry Styles 20 times”

‘Listening to your voice is like trying to tickle yourself – it doesn’t really work’ … Bill Callahan. Photograph: Thomas Ato   The American composer takes us on a musical tour of a few days, playing everything from Traxman and local Mexican radio stations in Texas to his son’s enjoyment of the Hamster Dance   7.13am […]

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