5 Best PDF Beginner Lessons For Drums!

Do you want to learn how to play the drums with step-by-step training? Are you trying to find starter drum lessons that will show you the basic basics of how to play the drum set? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve assembled a quick starter guide to help you get you playing […]

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What Is The Best Music Composer Program?

Music notation software is a competitive business. There used to be only a couple of software in this space, but now the market has opened very widely to a plethora of different options. So which one is the best? The answer can be found in what you’re trying to accomplish. DAW vs Music notation software […]

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11 Drums Used in Reggae Music

The drums in reggae music have always worked to give this amazing music its distinguishable sound. Reggae music although it originated in Jamaica, has roots back to Africa, which means many of the instruments that are used tend to be African or Afro-Cuban. These days, modern reggae music uses the drum set, which is common […]

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4 Amazing Air Drumsticks That Make Noise On Their Own!

A drum set you can play anywhere! Imagine this — you are on a park bench in your college campus and you want to jam out a bit before having to catch your next class. You don’t have a drum kit in your dorm, but you do have seemingly tons of extra time that you […]

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How to Learn Songs on Drums By Ear ?

Learning drums is an amazingly fun challenge, and if you have a good ear and learn the basics you can start a snowball effect and learn many songs! If you learn the ability to pick out drum parts from the actual recording not only can you learn way more songs, your drumming will be way […]

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Good Instagram Captions for Musicians

After Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It boasts at least more than 1 billion unique users from all around the world. As a musician or a band, this is an excellent place to create a following or share news with your loyal fans. Unlike Facebook, Instagram […]

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