Bill Callahan: "My daughter makes me listen to Harry Styles 20 times"

‘Listening to your voice is like trying to tickle yourself – it doesn’t really work’ … Bill Callahan. Photograph: Thomas Ato   The American composer takes us on a musical tour of a few days, playing everything from Traxman and local Mexican radio stations in Texas to his son's enjoyment of the Hamster Dance   7.13am […]

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Sanders' exuberant church has open doors

Despite being a man of few words, the spiritual jazz legend's vast, exuberant performance said volumes.   Jazz artist Albert Ayler once said, "Coltrane was the father; Pharoah was the son; and I was the Holy Ghost. Pharoah Sanders and Albert Ayler accompanied John Coltrane on a number of significant recordings. Like Coltrane, Sanders was […]

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Interview: Juan Megna of the Juan Megna Group

There are certain musicians who are completely committed to the art form. They don't just play music, they study it, they teach it, and they relish every opportunity to share music with others.    As a bandleader, educator, and percussionist, Juan Megna has been sharing his love of music around the world for years now.  […]

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Irreversible Brain Taint from Segregation: Leo Nocentelli

Leo Nocentelli is impossible to pin down. When I ask how the renowned funk guitarist's astonishing solo record Another Side came to be published after 50 years in obscurity, he gives me the whole tale in a seven-minute monologue, but I can't confirm his age. "It's not important," he adds, his Louisiana accent thick as […]

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The New British Jazz Messengers

Nubya Garcia has had a fantastic year, with a performance at the Proms, a Mercury Prize nomination, and critical praise for her first album, Source. More significantly, the saxophonist is one of a number of young Black British jazz performers who are introducing new audiences to the genre and acting as role models for future […]

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‘One of the Finest Vocalists Ever': Honoring Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy and her bandmate Chris Biondo travelled to a distant plant in rural Virginia on a late May day in 1996 to collect copies of the recording that would turn out to be her last. Biondo recalls, "We picked up about 1,100 cassettes and CDs in total." "As soon as we got in the […]

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