Reaction to How to Be a Rock Star by Shaun Ryder

The “rock star” is essentially extinct. With the TV-out-the-window lifestyle that dominated pop culture between the 1970s and 2000s out of favor, the term – and all the recklessness and charisma it implies – is more likely to be ascribed to a chef or a tech-bro than a musician. However, some people still suit the […]

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‘Hendrix Is Like Beethoven, Vivaldi Is More Des O’Connor,’ Says Nigel Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy has had run-ins with the “self-appointed wielders of power” throughout his career. The most recent occurred last week, when he canceled a performance at the Royal Albert Hall two days before the show, accusing the promoters, Classic FM, of stopping him from delivering a Jimi Hendrix tribute because it was considered “unsuitable for […]

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