Why Are Some Singers So Popular In The World

This article will discuss why some singers are so popular around the world. Since most artists all have different fan bases all over the globe, we will take a look at the groups that appeal to certain audiences around the globe. Drake is the most followed artist in the world with 73 million Instagram followers […]

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What Type Of Music Is Alternative – The Meaning

When we say the word ‘alternative music’ what do we really mean? This article will discuss the meaning of alternative music in our day and age, describing the genre’s development from the 1950s on-wards. Alternative music is a genre which developed in the 1950s. Its roots are very near to 1950s rock and roll, which […]

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Monsters, Drugs and Rock & Roll — An Interview with Sea Fuzz

I met Ben and the rest of the band in a bar in Sants, the neighborhood in Barcelona where Ben currently resides.  It’s a rainy evening and masks are enforced everywhere, but the bar isn’t crowded and we find a comfortable nook where we can chat over drinks and (almost) forget we are in the […]

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