Liam Gallagher alleges "angry squirt." Noel "blocked" Oasis songs from documentary

Liam Gallagher performs at Knebworth in June. Photograph: Harry Herd/Redferns   The singer tweets that the band's brother is "a horrible little man" for blocking the use of their song at Knebworth 22   Oasis songs won't be included in Liam Gallagher's upcoming documentary, he says, because Noel Gallagher, the band's composer, has forbidden the use […]

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Trax Records is accused of not paying royalties

Marshall Jefferson performing at the Tresor nightclub, Berlin, 2001. Photograph: Jim Dyson/Getty Images   More than a dozen musicians, including Marshall Jefferson and Adonis, are suing the innovative Chicago house label   According to Rolling Stone, more than a dozen musicians are suing Trax Records, a pioneering Chicago house label, as well as Screamin' Rachael Cain, […]

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‘I wanted it to sound like that sensation of possibility': Courtney Marie Andrews' wild new album

‘I wanted it to sound like that feeling of possibility,’ … Courtney Marie Andrews. Photograph: Alexa Viscius   Loose Future, the Arizonan's most recent album, sees the end of a "dark time" in her life and rebalances her longtime ties with songwriting and isolation   Listen to Courtney Marie Andrews' soul-searching alt-folk and country songs about […]

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Rex Orange County musician accused with six charges of sexual assault

Rex Orange County performing in London in August 2022. Photograph: Burak Çıngı/Redferns   Over the course of two days in June, Alexander O'Connor is accused of assaulting a lady   According to the Sun, the artist Rex Orange County, real name Alexander O'Connor, has been accused of six charges of sexual assault on a lady.   […]

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Eliza Carthy: "Folk music is sexy and filthy, and you fall over" I live thus

"I'm a Yorkshire scrub"... Whitby's Eliza Carthy Christopher Thomond/Guardian   Covid nearly brought her and her illustrious family to ruin. She was the pink-haired fiddler who punked up the people. Eliza Carthy discusses being broke, losing a loved one, and the therapeutic value of booze- and bawdy-themed songs   The Waterson-Carthy folk dynasty's situation did […]

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Joni Mitchell became a bold, futurist auteur in the 1980s

A number of people believed that Wild Things Run Fast, who turns 40 next month, had betrayed her origins. Looking back, the truth is far more nuanced     During the summer of 1981, travelers to the Caribbean may have seen something unexpected: In the middle of the action at a disco, Joni Mitchell is […]

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