Why artists postpone tours for mental health

High-profile acts from Justin Bieber to Arlo Parks have cancelled gigs recently, prioritising mental health over the demands of a relentless industry   Early in August, when Yard Act was waiting for a flight to Sicily, vocalist James Smith ran into a wall. He recalls, “I felt like I was in a cattle shed.” I […]

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The Byrds discuss music and clothes

The group’s surviving members reflect on the fashion trends they established as a new book examines the band’s impact on the 1960s and beyond.   ‘We didn’t like the conformity’ … The Byrds in 1966 Photograph: Norman Griner   Although there are numerous factors bands consider when selecting their members, you’d like to assume that playing […]

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Interview: Juan Megna of the Juan Megna Group

There are certain musicians who are completely committed to the art form. They don’t just play music, they study it, they teach it, and they relish every opportunity to share music with others.    As a bandleader, educator, and percussionist, Juan Megna has been sharing his love of music around the world for years now.  […]

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Interview: Leah Khambata On Songwriting and Live Shows

Leah Khambata is a highly successful actress and singer-songwriter who has recently returned to playing live shows following pandemic restrictions on live events.  Even during the height of the pandemic, Khambata never stopped writing new songs, and in fact, she even started her own virtual concert series on Instagram, which gave her a way to […]

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This is How Music Producers Can Keep Their Work Fresh, Feat. Sebastian Torres

If you’re a professional athlete, it’s pretty easy to tell whether or not you’re in shape. You can either play the game or you can’t; you can keep up with the competition or you can’t.  But for music industry professionals, everything is way more abstract. It depends so much on how you’re feeling and what […]

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Interview with Ben Heckler of Promo Panda, Juice.ai

Today we’re interviewing one of our own, Ben Heckler, the founder of Jam Addict. Heckler started the blog 3 years ago as a side project to share some of his drumming tips, provide his perspective on music, and just write some hilarious and entertaining music articles. Heckler authored hundreds of articles and got Jam Addict […]

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