What Is The Difference Between Rock And Alternative Music

How are rock music and alternative music different? This article will discuss the differences between rock music and alternative music. There are two major and distinct types of music in the United States: mainstream and alternative. The term “alternative” has become more controversial lately. Some argue that some alternative music is less than rock and […]

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How To Define Indie Music – Our Take

This article will discuss how to define indie music in the simplest way. However, before we get into the nitty gritty of this thing, we need to get a basic understanding of what it means. Before indie music was being developed, it had to do with what was referred to as Americana. Americana was a […]

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Do Musicians Make Less Money Now?

Who wouldn’t want a career in music? Music fills us with such joy but we also need to worry about paying the bills. Many of us look at the past with rose-colored glasses and think that everything was much better for musicians. But was it really? Were musicians really making more than they are today? […]

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Most Hated Musicians of All Time

Having haters is the unfortunate consequence of being a superstar. It goes hand in hand with amassing a legion of fans. One is as likely to lose clout as easily as they are likely to shoot to heights of fame in Hollywood. Often a singer or a band is at the receiving end of hate […]

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Homemade Drum Dampeners

Drum dampening is not just about reducing volume. In fact, that’s the least interesting feature of dampening drums. We have already written articles about how to make your drums less noisy, where in that case, yes, the goal is to reduce the volume. But in this article, I wanted to tackle how we can dampen our […]

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How Much Do Musicians Make per Gig

We all love live performance because they are thrilling and lively, but have you ever thought how much do musicians earn from these events? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article. But let’s first look at how much do musicians earn annually. General estimates suggest that musicians on average earn $35,000 per year. […]

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