The Beatles: Revolver Special Edition (Super Deluxe) review—real-time experimental brilliance

The Beatles in Abbey Road Studios during filming of the Paperback Writer and Rain promo films. Photograph: Apple Corps   (Apple Corps Ltd/Capitol/UMe) This enlarged, remixed, and remastered CD reveals songs’ deeper meanings and transformations   It may seem as if there aren’t many more surprises to learn about The Beatles given how thoroughly their career […]

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What is the Ringo Starr drumming style?

Simple, technical, musical. Ringo Starr’s complement to the Beatles cannot be exaggerated—he was indispensable. He not only was the backbone to which the other members expressed their incredible tunes, he embellished them with iconic drum beats and interesting fill choices.  There is a myth going around that says Ringo is a bad drummer. I’ve heard […]

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What is the Ringo Starr drum setup?

Ringo Starr was certainly one of the most influential drummers in history, if not the most influential drummer in rock and roll history. Ringo came onto the scene in the early 60s where the history of the drum set was still being defined, and his unique approach to playing the drums set the standard for […]

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