The Most Influential Drummers In Music History

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Drummers are one of the most important elements of a music performance. They provide the beat and rhythm for almost every genre of music. Without a drummer, songs would lack their fundamental feel.

Music artists are sometimes referred to as the voice of their generation or movement. This is very true for hip-hop artists, where the lyrics are secondary to the musical beat and backing sound.

Many drummers have influenced music history by changing the way people listen to music and perceive rhythm. Some have even changed what genres exist due to their innovative style and blending of sounds.

There are many iconic drummers that have made a significant impact on music. This article will discuss some of the most influential drummers in music history and what they’ve done to influence it.

John Bonham

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

Along with Keith Moon, John Bonham is widely considered one of the most influential drummers in music history.

Bonham joined the band in 1968 and was part of their most successful era, during which they recorded albums like Black Dog, Rock and Roll, and IV. During this time, he helped shape the sound of rock music with his style of playing the drums.

He had a very strong style that included playing with his fists and using heavy bass drum strokes. He would also incorporate tambourine into his drumming, which added to the rock vibe.

During his tenure with the band, he helped pioneer many music genres such as heavy metal and thrash metal. His last recorded song with the band was “Live And Let Die” off of the album of the same name. He died in 1980 due to alcohol poisoning.

Steven Adler

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is one of the greatest drummers of our time. He is known for his talented stick skills, his rhythmic patterns, and his innovative style.

Dave got his start in the world of music as a drummer for the punk rock band called Nirvana. After their breakthrough album Nevermind, Nirvana became very popular very quickly.

When they began their next album In Utero, Dave took inspiration from the new more raw sound and experimented with different rhythms and beats. This is what drew attention to him as a great drummer!

Nu metal band Linkin Park had a huge influence on hip-hop and rap music. Their drummer, Rob Bourdon, introduced the genre to electronic drums which made songs more crisp and defined sound. Many other hip-hop artists now use electronic drums due to his influence.

British musician Adele is known for her soulful voice that draws emotion out of listeners. Her songwriting also plays a big role in her success- she writes about personal experiences that touch people.

Lars Ulrich

Along with James Hetfield, Ulrich is credited with founding the band Metallica. He has been the drummer for over three decades, since 1983.

His style is unique in that he does not use a traditional drum set. Instead, he uses a simpler setup consisting of bass and snare drums. This makes his music very recognizable as a heavy metal sound is created with these instruments only.

He also uses several drum pads that electronically sound the drums instead of sticks to hit real drums. This allows for more creative sounds to be made, which he has perfected over the years.

His influence can be seen in other musicians that use electronic drum sets and less conventional styles of playing. Many music fans appreciate his style and how it brings something different to the table musically.

Hal Blaine

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

Hal Blaine is a drummer who is considered to be one of the greatest drummers of all time. He is known for his innovative beats and style, as well as his longevity in the music business.

Blaine started his music career in high school, where he joined the band. He was not very serious about it at first, but after some prodding from a friend, he decided to take it more seriously.

He studied with several teachers and spent years developing his skills. Even after becoming successful, he said he would still study with other teachers to improve his craft.

His success can be attributed to his versatility and willingness to take on new sounds and styles. This kept him in the music business for a long time, allowing him to gain lots of experience.

Roger Taylor

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

As we’ve mentioned before, drumming is one of the most influential instruments in music. The best drummers can shape the way songs are written and performed, and how fans enjoy music.

Many famous music artists have credited their success to the help they received from talented drummers. Some even credit the inspiration for their songs to a specific rhythm or beat.

Roger Taylor is a British drummer who was part of the band Queen. He contributed to their unique sound by using different percussion instruments and experimenting with different beats and rhythms.

His talent was noticed at an early age when he won a national competition for drumming. He then went on to attend the Royal College of Music, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music.

He has since continued his career as an acclaimed musician and has received several awards.

Kenny Clarke

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

Kenny Clarke is widely regarded as the father of modern jazz drumming. He developed many of the basic funk and jazz beats that are used today.

He helped shape the music by demonstrating how to use the drum set in a creative way. He demonstrated how to play bass and percussion simultaneously, called trading, which is a feature of most songs today.

He also demonstrated how to use the snares and kicks together to create a sharper sound, which is used in jazz music. His fun, energetic style also inspired other musicians.

Before him, drums were used mostly for their tonal quality rather than for providing rhythm to a song. He shapped this by demonstrating how to use the drums as a tool to provide rhythm and complement other instruments.

His influence could be seen at his time, as more people started adopting his style of drumming.

Nick Mason

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

Known as the “robot” drummer of the legendary band Pink Floyd, Nick Mason has had a huge influence on music. Not only did he help create some of the most famous music with Pink Floyd, he has also worked with many other musicians to help create new songs and albums.

He has also helped younger musicians get into the music industry by recording with them and promoting them. Many consider him to be one of the greatest drummers of all time due to his technical skills and consistency.

Prior to joining Pink Floyd, Nick studied fine art at the West Surrey College of Arts and later worked as a teacher. This education helped him become more aware of his musical composition skills. He is also very skilled in photography, which he credits as helping him understand light and shadow. These artistic skills further enhance his musical talent.

Overall, Nick Mason is a talented artist that has influenced many other artists in the music industry.

Alan White

The Most Influential Drummers in Music History

A great way to understand the importance of drumming is to look at musicians who do not play the instrument. Many popular songs do not have a regular drum track because they are focused on other instruments, like guitar or bass.

Drummers can make or break a song with their beat. The best drummers can create their own songs using the drums. Many popular songs are made with just the drums as the background sound.

Some of the most influential drummers in music history include Charlie Watts, Dave Grohl, and Tommy Lee. All of these musicians have had a significant impact on the music world and have brought different styles to the table.

Charlie Watts is a steady drummer who has played for The Rolling Stones since 1962. He has been part of shaping the rock n’ roll genre by keeping a steady beat for all of his songs.

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