The Musical Alphabet In Order

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known songs out there and see what the underlying structure is, shall we? We will refer to this structure as an alphabet song because it uses all six letters of the English language.

The first two lyrics in every example below are one word long. So, we will separate these words into a new alphabet letter for analysis.

Let’s try it with your own voice! (I’ll help you by spelling each word correctly) “Hello” -> H

“Baby” -> B

“Conversation”-> C

Now that you have learned how to identify the alphabet song pattern, play around and learn different versions of the pattern. You can also use it to create your own music!

There are many ways to apply this concept to make your own music. By knowing the basics of the pattern, you would know how to write your own melodies and bass lines, etc.

B is for Bird

the musical alphabet in order

Birds are one of the most beautiful creations ever! They come in so many shapes and sizes, with feathers of all different colors! Some have very long tails that they fluff up to fly, or none at all!

Birds make such wonderful sounds as they breathe air through their lungs and then exhale it out as they breathe fire! Their calls can be loud or soft, short or long- you will find yourself listening intently to see what kind of bird call there is before you know it!

Many animals learn how to whistle by copying other birds’ whistles. This has helped scientists identify which birds were related to each other! For example, if you listen closely to squirrels, you may hear something like “kerchoo!” That is probably because young tree squirrels copy older squirrels’ whistles.

C is for Cat

Let’s learn the song “I Got You, Babe” starting with the letter c!

The first few notes are easy to sing, but then it gets tricky. A lot of people get lost at the word cat. Some say caterpillar or even chat up an extended rhyme about kittens.

But you don’t have to worry about that here! This song has been fully analyzed and there are very clear lyrics that explain what each syllable means.

It may sound hard to remember all of these words, but you can organize them by how they relate to other songs!

For example, the second line of this song is “You got me like a cat got cream” which is from the song “You Got Me Like A Pro” so we will use that as our reference point to place the rest of the terms into order.

That song starts with the term cat, and so does this one! Therefore, the next term should be got.

D is for Dog

the musical alphabet in order

In every culture, there are different ways to recognize other animals as intelligent beings. For example, people across cultures use sounds when talking about dogs to show how they perceive them. If you listen closely, you can tell if someone believes that dogs have a sense of self-awareness or not.

When we talk about how some animals seem to understand what things mean, it is often referred to as giving “signals”. Animals that appear to be aware of their surroundings and learn from experiences are described as having conscious behaviors.

In fact, many philosophers believe that only humans are capable of true understanding of the world around them. This theory is called rationalism because it assumes that thinking is the key factor in knowing something.

Other theories suggest that even non-thinking organisms like plants are able to comprehend basic patterns and relationships due to an internal process known as emergent behavior.

E is for Elephant

the musical alphabet in order

Let’s look at the letter ‘E’ as the elephant. Elephants are large, strong animals that spend most of their time moving slowly or standing still. They are known to be powerful and majestic creatures.

Just like people, elephants have different personalities. Some stay quiet and keep things calm, while others are more socialized and friendly.

What makes an individual elephant special is its trunk. An elephant’s trunk functions both as a sense organ for taste and touch, as well as a tool used to probe objects and find food.

The white tip at the end of the trunk helps identify smells so it can be detected whether the animal is hungry or not. When an elephant is interested in something, it will take hold of it with its hands and then use its nose to determine if it wants to test it by putting some pressure on it.

F is for Frog

the musical alphabet in order

Let’s look at some of the most famous songs that start with the letter F!

“Frog Went A-Courtin'” – The Beatles

“For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” – Traditional

“Friendly” – Nickelback

“Fix You” – Twenty One Pilots

“Fish And Chips” – New Kids On The Block

“Find Your Happiness” – Drake

“Firework” – Katy Perry

“Forever Young” – Transcendence

“Found Out More About Yourself” – Taylor Swift

“Freedom” – Kanye West

“Freebird” – Lynyrd Skynrd

“Freeway” – Nipsey Hussle

“Freshman Year” – Justin Bieber

“Friends” – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus

“Fun” – Various artists

“Future Love Song” – Beyoncé

“Good Life” – Nas

“Good Morning America” – Robin Thicke feat.

G is for Goat

the musical alphabet in order

Goats are funny little creatures that spend most of their time chewing, or what they call eating, which is mostly grass and shrubs. They can be very entertaining to watch as they enjoy putting together large amounts of vegetation.

Goats will even eat fruits when given the chance! This makes them good candidates for being trained as service animals since they need to learn how to work for food.

Some people train goats as companion animals so they can help take care of them. These individuals teach the goat social skills and different commands such as “sit”, “roll over”, and “come here�”.

Many people also use goats as educational tools to explain concepts like growth, reproduction, and evolution. Because goats are ruminants-which means they have four stomachs instead of three-they are helpful in teaching about digestion.

H is for Horse

the musical alphabet in order

When horses were first domesticated, they did not have control of themselves. They would simply obey whatever commands you gave them. As time passed, however started training individual horses to perform certain tasks.

By repeating those tasks over and over, the horse learned what was asked of it and could therefore be commanded to do other things as well. This is how our modern day horses are trained.

Many people take advantage of this talent by teaching their horses new tricks or behaviors. For example, someone might teach their horse to stand with a hoof raised so that it can be grasped more easily when taking out the trash.

These dogs who learn trick after trick are sometimes referred to as dog professionals.

I is for Ice cream

the musical alphabet in order

Let’s look at some of the other sounds that make up this letter! We have the sound “ice,” which you will probably know from the word ice cream. Then there are the sounds made when you inhale and then exhale quickly, like the pep talk your boss gives before announcing a big raise or new project. These are called the sigh sound and the whoop sound, respectively.

The musical alphabet also includes the sound of clapping, which we can add to our list here since we already learned about the piano keyboard.

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