The World Of Electronic Drums: Top Brands And Models For All Budgets

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Electronic drums have become very popular in recent years, with many top bands using electronic drums in their live performances. This is due to the flexibility and ability to add additional sounds to your drum set.

Many models have additional features such as built-in sequencers, sample libraries with different sounds, and adjustable sensitivity.

Some models even have drummers programmed into them that play specific sounds. For example, a drummer may play the bass drum and the hi-hat, and on this model, it will sound like that drummer is playing both at the same time.

Best brands for electronic drums

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

The top brands for electronic drums are Roland, Yamaha, Simmons, and Darwi. These brands produce high-quality instruments that will not disappoint. All of them have a variety of models and price points, so there is definitely something for you.

Roland has a wide range of electronic drums available. They have both V-Pad and mesh head pads which give different feels when hitting the drum. Their lower priced models are still very durable and good quality so you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a good Roland drum set.

Yamaha offers both V-pad and traditional leather drum kits which can be used with electronic drums. Their V-pad kits offer different textures on the pads to enhance the feel of the drum hit. Their electronic kits are very reliable and will not break easily which is a plus!

Simmons and Darwi both produce high-quality mesh head electronic drums.

Best models for each budget

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

As mentioned before, the top brands for electronic drums are Roland, Yamaha, Paalwill, and Simmons. Other brand names that produce decent electronic drums are Alesis, Vistualsonic, and Kitatak.

Within each brand there are different models or series that have different features and prices. For example, within the Roland series there is the V-Drums, TD-series, and XP-series.

The higher priced models usually have more features such as extra kits and sounds or more adjustable settings. Some even have a wireless connection or built-in speakers for sound playback.

There is no wrong answer when asking what the best electronic drum set is for you.

What to look for when buying?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

When choosing an electronic drum set, the first thing to consider is budget. While some models can cost several hundred dollars, there are many that are affordable and of good quality.

You can even find kits in the app store for less than $5! However, these are very low quality and would not be suitable for real music production.

If you are just starting out, then starting with a lower-end model is fine. You can still produce great music on lower-end equipment that performs well. As you progress and need more features or higher quality sounds, then you can upgrade!

The next thing to look for when buying an electronic drum set is what features it has. Features such as Bluetooth connectivity, pre-installed sounds, and adjustable sensitivity on the pads all affect how the set plays.

Are they better than acoustic drums?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

This is a question that can only be answered by you. While electronic drums have come a long way, they will never match the feel of acoustic drums. You cannot beat the sound quality either!

If you are looking to play electronic drums, then it is your right to choose which type you want. If you want to pursue drumming professionally or even just at home, then invest in acoustic drums.

There are many ways to use both types together in a song or performance, so do not feel like you have to choose one or the other. Many contemporary music artists use electronic drums in their songs, so it is definitely acceptable.

The biggest difference is how much vibration the surface receives and gives off. Acoustic surfaces are soft and cushiony while electronic surfaces are hard and do not give off vibration. This makes it harder to produce a soft bounce effect in songs with lots of jumping around.

How do they work?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

Most electronic drum sets work through a sensor that is either built into the drum or attached to the drum. The sensor picks up when a drum stick strikes the skin of the drum and sends that information to the pads.

Some higher-end models use intelligent sensors that recognize which part of the drum you struck and which way you struck it. This allows for more realistic sounds as you can select what part of the kit you strike and receive a response sound.

Many models also have additional features such as repetition settings, volume adjustments, and different sound sets for different sounds. Some even have virtual instruments on them such as drums, piano, or guitar which allow for more sound options.

Do I need to plug them in?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

A very common question is if electronic drums need to be plugged in. Like most electronic devices, they need to be charged to function.

Many electronic drum sets come with a mesh head that you strike with the drum sticks. These sets require electricity to bounce the stick off of the mesh head and into the sensor that catches the bounce.

Others have a rubber pad that you strike and then electronically transmit that signal to a computer or console. These also require electricity to work.

If you are looking into buying an electric drum set and this is something that concerns you, make sure to check if it is a mesh head or a rubber pad type. The former requires electricity while the latter does not.

What are the advantages?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

With electronic drums, you get the feel and sound of acoustic drums but with more freedom. You can play whenever you want, without having to worry about getting noise complaints or waking up the neighbors.

Another great thing about electronic drums is that you can play them in headphones, which gives you a private session to work on your skills. This is great for when you are trying to master a song or need some quiet time.

And since these drums are digital, they are very easy to transport. You can put these pads in a bag and go play wherever you want! It makes for an easy way to practice outside of the home.

And last but not least, these drums are cheaper than acoustic ones.

What are the disadvantages?

The World of Electronic Drums: Top Brands and Models for All Budgets

Even though electronic drums have come a long way, they will never replace the feel and experience of playing traditional acoustic drums. You also will not get the same sound quality when playing electronic drums.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot practice alone since you do not have a drummer to play with. Since you are playing pre-programmed songs, you cannot improve your drumming skills either.

Many models require extensive set up time which can be frustrating for beginners who are looking for an easy start to playing drums. Some even require additional equipment such as special drum sticks or a bass pedal which can cost more money.

The models can break more easily due to the electronic components so keeping them safe and protecting against water damage is important.

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