Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around The World

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Music venues are an integral part of any big city. They are a place for locals and tourists to experience music and entertainment in the most immersive way possible.

Music venues can be clubs, bars, stages for live performances or live streaming, or just plain old music listening rooms. Some music venues have all of these components, while some are strictly one type.

Naming a top music venue list is pretty hard since there are so many different types. Whether you are looking for quiet listening rooms or loud club spaces, there is a venue for you. Some of the best ones change depending on the music genre being presented however.

Some of the most famous music venues are in New York City. Some of the top ones include Brooklyn Sound System, Output, and Le Bain at The Standard Hotel.

Wembley Stadium

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

Wembley Stadium is located in northwest London, England, and is home to England’s national football team as well as the national rugby team.

This iconic stadium was built in 2000 and holds 90,000 people, making it one of the largest venues in the world. Wembley Stadium is well-known for its architecture and huge retractable roof.

Many famous musicians have performed here, including Beyoncé, Madonna, and Kanye West. Sports events such as NFL games and tennis Grand Slams are also held at Wembley Stadium.

If you are a sports fan or a music fan looking to visit somewhere else in the world, check if there is a venue that hosts events.

Apollo Theater

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

Located in Harlem, New York, the Apollo Theater is a music venue that has been open for over a century. This iconic theater has been home to many famous musicians over the years, and it is still frequented today.

Opened in late 1903, the Apollo Theater was originally named the House of Flowers. It didn’t feature entertainment at the time, however; it was a meeting place for social and political activists.

In 1934, it was renamed and began showing films. In 1937, it hosted its first stage show which was a major hit with audiences. Over the next few decades it continued to host more shows and became a popular music venue as well.

Many famous singers such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Lauryn Hill have performed here as well. Currently there are around three to four shows per week with various performers.

Blues Alley

Blues Alley is a jazz club located in Washington, DC. It has been around for over 30 years, and it is one of the most famous music venues in the city.

Many famous jazz musicians have played at Blues Alley, including Aretha Franklin, Eddie Palmieri, and Joey DeFrancesco. There are also many performances by up-and-coming artists at the club.

Visitors to Blues Alley can expect a relaxing atmosphere with top-quality music. The cost of tickets varies depending on the artist and how many people are attending. General admission tickets cost $20, so it is an affordable night out!

If you are visiting Washington, DC and are a fan of jazz music, Blues Alley is a must-visit venue.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

If you are a fan of music, then visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must-do destination. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, this music museum offers visitors an in-depth look at the history of rock and roll.

The museum has exhibits that feature icons like Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, and more. There is also an exhibit dedicated to hip-hop which recently opened in 2018.

Besides the exhibits, there are several venues on site where you can experience music first hand. You can take a tour of the Hall of Fame itself or listen to some live music in the cafe or club venue.

The Troubadour

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

The Troubadour is located in West Hollywood and is one of the most famous music venues in the world.

The club was opened in 1957 and has been a hot spot for up-and-coming artists and industry professionals to network and find new talent. Many famous singers got their starts at The Troubadour!

The Troubadour has a very intimate setting, with only 200 capacity. This allows for a very fan-oriented experience, as well as allowing fans to easily access their favorite artists. Even if you are not lucky enough to get into the venue, you can still watch from the street due to its size.

The Lincoln Center

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

Located in the heart of New York City is a music venue that houses some of the greatest performances in the world. The Lincoln Center is a group of buildings that encompass theaters, opera houses, and performance halls.

This area hosts some of the famous Broadway shows as well as concerts for popular music acts. Many tourists visit the Lincoln Center to see these performances, and they are not disappointed.

Many artists have performed on the large stage in the Lincoln Center theater, including Adele, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake. If you are a fan of music and live in New York, you can sign up for tours that take you to the backstage areas and onto the stages to see what it feels like!

If you are not from New York or cannot go on tour there, there are other places with great music venues.

Madison Avenue Subway Station

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

If you are looking to experience music in New York City, you need to visit one of the many subway stations. Most people are familiar with the 72nd Street Station as it is a major exit for many concerts at Radio City Music Hall.

Several other stations have music playing through speakers, which adds to the NYC music scene vibe. If you are looking for a more underground experience, visit a station that does not have music playing and bring your own device or buy a station pass to use the speakers.

Some of the best experiences happen when people enter the subway station at different points along the route. This allows people to meet at one point and then head to another which doubles as a tour guide of sorts.

The Bottom Line

Top 10 Must-Visit Music Venues Around the World

A music venue can be anywhere. It can be a street corner, a bar, a club, or a stadium. However, if we’re talking about the best music venues in the world, then they’re usually private clubs.

Private clubs are almost always member-only establishments. You have to pay a membership fee to enter the club and enjoy the music there. The cost of the membership depends on the club.

Private clubs have a reputation to maintain, so they must have good sound equipment and performance spaces. This is why many people who perform at private clubs are professionally-trained singers and musicians.

Music fans in New York City can go to The Bottom Line Club where they can see their favorite artists perform live. This music venue is located in West Chelsea and was founded back in 1990 by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees along with his wife Linda Gibb.

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