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Let’s talk about our favorite songs! We will be looking at some basic rules, then defining what makes a song “viral,” and finally organizing our list by decade to see how popular different types of music are.

The first rule is that it doesn’t matter too much what the lyrics are or who the song is about, if you like the way the song sounds you have to add it to your playlist.

I know this seems obvious but I want to emphasize it because so many people skip over this step. If you don’t like the vocals, try listening with headphones and set those equalizer settings to something less powerful. You might also find it helpful to turn up the volume slightly and make sure there aren’t any background noises that may distract you.

If you love the drums, bass, or guitar then chances are you will enjoy the rest of the song as well! When planning my top 50 songs, I would listen to a few rounds of each element before adding the next one. This helps me determine whether I already liked that element enough to include it in my list or not. – Hayley Mertens, Music Writer

There you have it — the most important tip in writing this article! Make sure your ears give you full quality sound experiences and check out The 10 Commandments for more tips on getting through music review gracefully.

2) “Despacito”

v rock songs

Many consider this song to be one of the most infectious songs ever written, with its catchy hook and lyrics like ‘This deseño (design) made me want to take off my clothes’. The music video for the song is even considered iconic as it features an extended dance scene where Luis performs his signature move on Iggy Azalea!

The song was originally performed by Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin in Spanish back in 2007, but it received wider recognition in English when Iggy re-recorded her part. Since then, it has been covered or sampled by various artists such as Nicki Minaj, Mýlissa, and Bazzlez!.

I don’t know about you, but “Despacito” always gets me dancing! https://www.youtube.

3) “Hey Mama”

v rock songs

One of Drake’s earliest radio songs is an absolute banger. In fact, it was his first hit! Back in 2004, when he made this song, he wasn’t even signed to a label yet. He released it as a stand-alone single through Universal Music Group.

He wrote the lyrics while driving around Toronto with some friends after midnight. When they heard the music, Ty Dolla $ign instantly knew what song Drake needed to include on his album. So he asked if anyone had any material that belonged to them, and Draecco handed over his own.

Drake originally didn’t want to feature his friend on the track, but eventually gave him permission. The two then worked together on the rest of the song in the studio, including adding the catchy hook you hear at the start.

This song proved to be very popular and still gets played frequently today. It has been covered by many artists such as Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Gucci Mane among others.

4) “Sobre Mi Ritmo”

v rock songs

Let us take a look at one of Cazzo’s most famous songs! If you listened to rap or hip hop music before, then this should be familiar to you. This is probably one of the most well-known tracks by The Latino rapper Ludacris. When listening to this song, make sure to recognize all of the lyrics and what meaning each word has.

The first line is very rhymey and quick, so it can seem hard to remember. But if you listen to popular songs with lots of repetition, you will understand it eventually. So here it is:

“Bitch I’m hot like the Sahara in summer”

As you can tell, this sentence contains two short phrases that are linked together. The first part is “I’m hot”, and the second part is “like the Sahara in summer”.

This brings me to my next topic: how to use parallel structure with tenses in your English.

5) “Like A Movie”

v rock songs

Let me start by saying I love this song! It is such an iconic rock tune that has been covered many times in different genres, shapes, and forms. The lyrics really set the tone for the song- it makes you feel like you are watching a movie.

The first line of the chorus is very straightforward – ‘I wanna be like (insert famous person here)!’ which sets up the rest of the verse and bridge. Then the second part is slightly more complicated – ‘like how they do it on TV/ In films or whatever’.

This is where the similarities to being a movie come into play. The singer wants to learn the tricks of the trade used to create great songs and art so that he can apply them to his life and creativity. He hopes one day people will look at him and say ‘Yea, she’s got a handle on her career like Beyoncé!’ Or maybe even ‘He knows what he is talking about because he wrote a few good lines himself!’

These types of comments would definitely make your heart swell with inspiration and motivation! This song truly inspired me when I was younger and struggling to find my place as an artist.

6) “I’m Your Boyfriend”

v rock songs

Let us take a look at the lyrics to this song! The first part of the verse is very sweet, as Diego sings, ‘You make me feel like I’ve never been with anyone before’. He then says that he wants to be your boyfriend so you can kiss him all night!

He continues by telling you that he will treat you well and that his life has changed because of you. All of these things are great signs that he really does care about you!

At the end of the second line, he drops some pretty strong bombs; he said he would always love you and now he actually calls himself your boyfriend! This show how seriously he takes this relationship and what kind of person he is.

His last phrase also shows how much he cares for you, saying that he wanted to tell you but he was too nervous! That is totally normal when someone loves you and wants to get into more intimate situations with you.

7) “Faded”

Let me get this straight, you don’t like ‘Broken Down Vehicle?’ You don’t want to listen to ‘Stupid Bitch?’ That one song about your friend is soooo stupid?!? Then why do we have to suffer through ‘Too Beautiful For Me�’ every time Kanye comes back into public view?

I mean seriously, how can anyone enjoy that song if they were offended by ‘Gold Chain’ or ‘Bass Bitches’?? I guess it depends on what kind of person listens to songs with strong lyrics. If you prefer soft music then maybe these are okay for you. But come ON! We got some heavy shit going on here people!

And while I will never claim to be an expert in music theory, I feel confident saying that those three words – bass, bitches, and chain -have no place in music today. They should not only be off limits, but also illegal to play anywhere where there are children.

8) “Fireworks”

v rock songs

Let’s face it, after you listen to some of The Ramones‘ songs for very first time, you get really excited. You start dancing around or doing something crazy with your body, maybe jumping up and down or shaking all over. Then, you probably end up singing along loudly because there is just too much music!

When Joey (Romeo), Johnny (Johnny Ramone), and Dee Dee (Dee Dee Ramone) wrote their latest song, they wanted to include a catchy melody and lyrics that would stick in your head. They also wanted to use as many autotuned effects as possible so people could easily recognize how bad their vocals were.

The main reason why most people enjoy this song is due to the firework effect at the beginning. When the guitar plays the rising note, the rest of the band joins in by playing a low G, then an A, and eventually D. This creates a nice rhythm pattern that reminds you of fireworks.

These types of melodies are called harmonic progressions and they can be used to create other great songs like “Rock Star” or even Beatles tunes such as “I Want To Hold Your Hand.

9) “7 Heaven”

v rock songs

Many people associate Beyoncé with her songs that talk about love, but she has also released some very upbeat music. One of my favorite songs is “7 Heaven,” which was written by Bey and Kanye West. The song is actually not about romantic love at all!

In the lyrics, Kanye sings about how he feels like he will never find his perfect match in this life. He wonders if there is even a heaven for someone who doesn’t feel loved by everyone else.

He believes that whoever you are, other people don’t agree with you makes you special. They think you’re crazy and it makes them uncomfortable, so they try to avoid you or take away your happiness. This hurts you more than it does them, because you want their approval.

Kanye thinks most people aren’t worthy of our respect, and thus we lose out on a lot of opportunities to make friends and experience joy. He believes it is better to be alone than to hang around people who hurt you.

This may sound dramatic, but it can be hard to recognize when others are hurting you until it’s too late. By then, you’ve lost out on important experiences and friendships. Having feelings is nice, but being able to control them is what really matters. – https://www.healthierwithkim.

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