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Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we all know, the music that is used for TV shows and films is a very important factor in their success or failure. A good soundtrack can make or break how well you enjoy a show!

It’s also an integral part of the show, making it feel complete. If there isn’t enough quality soundtracks, viewers may not want to invest in the headphones or earbuds needed to listen to what’s being played.

In this article, I will talk about my top 10 movie soundtracks of all time. These are ordered from most recent release to oldest release with no skipping whatsoever.

After reading this article, you will be able to name at least one song from almost every album on the list. Some people might even learn a few new songs! =)

I will also discuss some reasons why each album made the cut and maybe include a little bit more information than just the title.

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin

v rock soundtrack

As we all know, Led Zeppelin is one of if not the greatest rock bands ever! They had an incredible sound that included hard hitting riffs, melodic songs, and their famous vocal style.

Their music has been covered by many artists including One Direction, Psy, The Weeknd, Jason Aldean, and even Adele! Many people have made their own versions or covers of some of their songs, which are definitely worth listening to.

But what about making your own version of a Led Zeppelin song? That’s something you can do! There are several ways to get into composing your own music, and writing lyrics for your songs is another way to express yourself.

In this article, I will talk about how to write a lead guitar part for a Led Zeppelin song. This includes writing a riff, creating a hook, and developing the main body of the song. Then, I will discuss how to sequence the notes in the lead line and how to connect the lead tone with the rest of the instrumentation.

If you want to learn more about music theory and composition, then check out our other articles here at Music Theory For Dummies.![](https://www.teachersoftheweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/MusicTheoryForDummiesLogo.

The Beatles – Abbey Road

v rock soundtrack

When The Beatles released their final studio album, they left an incredible legacy. Not only did it feature some of their most well-known songs, but it also featured music that many consider to be among their best work.

Not only is this album famous for containing one of the top five songs in the world (and arguably the greatest song ever written), “Something”, but it features eight other tracks that have been recognized as some of the band’s strongest offerings.

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This article will discuss my personal favorite three songs on the Abbey Road Album, what made them special, and how you can use them to inspire your own creativity or improve yours already.

The first song on the album is called “Come Together”. It was originally recorded by American rock group Rascals back in 1967 before they broke up. Since then, the song has become synonymous with the late Beatlemania era and peaceful unification.

If you listen closely, you may be able to hear a slight echo effect at the beginning. This comes from there being two vocalists and each having their own microphone. This makes it seem like there are more people singing than actually are!

I love listening to this song not just because of its message, but because I find it inspiring and motivating.

The Beatles – Let It Be

v rock soundtrack

With their final studio album, The Beatles left an incredible legacy for music lovers all over the world. Not only are they one of the most famous bands in history, but with each song they released people find new meanings to explore.

Many songs on this album focus on break-up and loss, something that is very relatable today given how many relationships breakdown due to differences or lack of commitment.

Their final album as a band also includes some interesting musical experiments that show off their diversity as musicians. Many artists have tried to sound like The Beatles, so it is fun to listen for similarities and differences.

Let It Be was originally going to be titled Give Up and has been referred to as a “harrowing” album because of its content. Starting with the track ATwo Dogs, the lyrics tell the story of two dogs who meet after years apart and want to try mating. Only problem? They don’t know what the other dog will do next!

The song concludes by both dogs giving up and walking away separate ways, leaving us with a sense of melancholy. This feeling is continued throughout the rest of the album, making listeners feel quite emotional.

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

v rock soundtrack

This is one of the most well-known album titles in music history, as it features an extended metaphor about the inner struggle we all have with our own personal darkness. What makes this song unique is that not only does it describe internal struggles, but also external ones.

The dark side of the moon refers to how much negativity and fear people put out into the world around them. It also describes what happens when you spend too much time thinking about past mistakes or failures.

By using metaphors and analogies, great artists make their songs relatable and understandable for anyone. This is why The Dark Side of the Moon has remained such a popular choice for soundtrack albums since its release in 1985!

It’s definitely worth listening to if you love musical artistry, metaphorical lyrics, and/or spacey soundscapes.

Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde

“Like a Rolling Stone” is one of the most recognizable songs in music history, having been featured in several feature films and ad campaigns. It was originally written for The Basement Sessions, an album that never saw the light of day due to Dylan dropping out before it could be completed.

Released as a standalone single in 1966, the song quickly became a staple of classic rock radio and has since been covered by many artists. Many have even made their own versions or covers, some better than the original!

Many musicians have paid homage to this song by either directly copying parts of the lyrics or creating their own version of the tune.

Bob Dylan – The Velvet Underground & Nico

v rock soundtrack

One of the most iconic albums ever is The Velvet Underground’s 1969 opus, simply titled “The Velvet Underground And New York City.” It features some of music’s greatest songs, including “Pale Blue Eyes” (which was later covered by Adele) and “Heroin.” But what makes this album so special isn’t just its catchy tunes, it’s also the way in which it weaves together stories about life in New York during that time period.

As mentioned before, one song on the album is called “I’m Set Free,” but there’s more to the lyrics than just that. They include references to organized religion, money, and sex — not really concepts you would expect to find connected as all fit into a theme of freedom.

It may be difficult for listeners to connect certain parts of the lyrics with each other, but once they do, it will make sense why the song is part of the overall message of the album.

Bruce Springsteen – The River

v rock soundtrack

While not as well-known as his earlier work, The River is one of Springsteen’s most beloved albums. It was released in 1995, just two years after Tunnel of Love, which many consider to be his worst album ever!

The River marked an interesting turn for Springsteen as he took some time off from recording music to focus on being a father. He also experimented with different musical styles such as R&B and hip hop songs.

Springfield native Clarence Clemons (who would go onto have his own talk show) provided the main vocals for almost every song. Many musicians were inspired by his singing style, so it seems fitting that he sang on several tracks about life, love and loss.

This album is very personal to me because I grew up listening to it. My parents listened to this album often while driving back home from my childhood. They would play it loud when we would ride along together in their car!

It has lots of catchy tunes including “Streets Of Philadelphia”, “Lost In The Flood” and my favorite, “You Got A Hold On Me”. Although these songs are mostly about heartbreak, they are still able to make you feel good.

I think that is what makes great artists like Bruce Springsteen – they can put a positive spin on difficult situations.

Adele – 21

v rock soundtrack

Twenty-one is an incredible track that showcases Ade’s voice as well as her songwriting prowess. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has lost their love, but they hope that one day you will find your happiness again with someone new.

The music accentuates this feeling by using powerful instrumentals and bass drops. It also uses a very catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head for hours!

Overall, the sound design is quite dramatic and it fits the mood of the song really well. This album is definitely not boring and always puts up a challenge to listen to its full length.


Adele is arguably one of the most successful singer-songwriters of our time. Her infectious melodies have garnered her seven Grammy Awards and she has been featured at some of the biggest award ceremonies such as the Billboard Music Awards and the MTV VMAs.

Her debut studio album, 19, was released back in 2011 and since then she has never looked like she is slowing down. She consistently releases new songs every year and even collaborates with other artists from time to time.

It seems almost impossible to keep up with all of her activities, but there are many people out there who enjoy listening to her music. In fact, her tracks often become popular outside of her own fan base due to their impressive musical achievements.

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