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Posted by Mike Schumacher

What is v-rock? And why should you care?

V-Rock is a style that has become popular in recent years. It is typically categorized as hard rock, alternative, or grunge music. Artists use textures, drums, guitars, bass guitar, vocals, and other instruments to create their songs and elaborate designs for the lyrics and stage aesthetics.

The main focus of artists using this style are visuals! They spend lots of time designing their stages, guitars, clothing, hair, and makeup. Many musicians will upload pictures and/or videos of themselves performing with the same aesthetic clothes, hairstyles, etc. This is because others can copy these things and apply them to their own live performance.

Computer graphics (CG) artist are also hired to design entire scenes or characters in the songs! These CGs are usually integrated into the song at some point so people can watch them while listening to the song. Some even have been known to show what gear an artist uses in their studio!

This article will talk about five important tips to help you start creating your own v-rock inspired art.

Examples of a v rock

v rock

A lot of people consider listening to music while you work or doing other things like exercising, studying, or cleaning to be a boring way to spend your time.

That’s why some people have made it their personal mission to play loud, abrasive music for hours at a time. They call themselves music therapists, headphone evangelists, or ear-bangers, but they all share one thing: an intense love for heavy bass.

I will not judge these individuals because I am a lover of strong bass as well! (Well, sometimes.)

But what is the value of this type of music? And how can it help you in the workplace? Read on to find out more about them.

Music therapy

A few years ago, there was a small boom in music therapy. This has since died down, however, many musicians and professionals still refer to those that pursue music as having a “therapeutic effect” on them.

Why is this so?

Because music can influence your mood, and when you are in a bad mood, it can make you feel better. Conversely, when you are happy, it can boost your spirits even more.

Some studies suggest that listening to certain types of music helps reduce stress and anxiety, which are two very common feelings among workers.

If you are ever feeling stressed or anxious, try listening to a song that sounds good and powerful.

Characteristics of a v rock

v rock

A ‘v-rock’ is when someone adds lyrics to an existing song that are clearly not part of the original piece.

The lyric additions usually sound good, fit the music well, and feature in the appropriate place within the song.

Some examples include adding strong lyrics or new lyrics at a particular part of the song, changing the tone, reordering lines, and/or inserting new words or phrases.

These types of modifications can be done by anyone with access to a computer and the will to add value to the song.

What is viral marketing?

v rock

Viral marketing happens when you create or spread content or messages that appeal to your audience, but also “viral” – spreading rapidly across borders, through different channels, and influencing others in its wake.

The term was coined in 2005 by entrepreneur Russel Bruner. He used it to describe how his company’s product became popular within the niche market it served — so much so that it eventually exploded into something far broader than expected.

Since then, the word has caught on, and people have applied it to almost any type of successful communication or activity.

Some use it to refer to products or brands that succeed due to their own intrinsic quality, not because they are heavily marketed. Others apply it only to activities or events that get lots of attention, like a TV show or movie launch.

Yet other experts redefine what counts as viral marketing, using it to mean anything that spreads quickly, whether for good or bad. Some even go as far as saying there is no such thing as truly viral marketing anymore, since anything can become wildly influential at lightning speed today.

How to be a viral marketer

v rock

Being a viral marketing strategist is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced in social media, but it is something that every business should have someone on their team that understands how to leverage content to spread across various platforms.

Viral marketers are known for creating engaging, entertaining content that people want to share with others. These shared experiences often come from things like videos, blogs, and/or articles.

The thing about these types of content is that they don’t necessarily start out being popular. Sometimes there’s an initial burst of attention, before everyone has found them to be boring or uninteresting.

But if you can tap into this “boring” content and add your own special spin to it, then you’ll be able to create your own form of contagious entertainment.

Create content people are interested in

v rock

A way to do this is by creating content that appeals to your audience, or “v-rock” as I like to call it. Your audience will know if something seems interesting to them, so pick projects they care about and create content around those topics!

The more time you spend producing their desired result, the higher your success rate will be. Plus, they will keep coming back to see what you have to offer because they want more of what you gave them before!

There are many ways to use your creativity to inspire others, such as writing blogs, editing YouTube videos, designing websites and making art. All of these can be done quickly online now with the help of technology.

Running a social media account like Facebook takes up lots of time, but you get paid for it. Creating graphics and engaging posts is another way to make money via Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

If you’re looking to make extra income, consider sharing services, offering freelance design or marketing work, or even starting your own business. The internet is a wealth of information and ideas, and there’s almost nothing you can’t do nowadays.

Give it to everyone

v rock

Avant-garde jewelry is usually categorized into two main categories: fine jewelry and art jewelry. With art jewelry, however, that label can be thrown out. Because what sets most artistically designed pieces apart from other jewelry is how they are made!

Most artistic jewelry is not attached to your body with glue or heavy metals. Some are even purposefully designed to have no weight – just like their inspiration!

This is why I refer to them as “viral” jewelry. Because you never know where someone will wear theirs! They could put it in a bag and wash it off easily. Or maybe they’ll pull it down towards their waist and show it off under a dress or sweatshirt – totally exposing it.

It may also inspire others to create similar jewelry.

Reach out to your audience

v rock

As mentioned before, you do not have to be famous to use social media effectively! This is an important lesson to learn as most people make the assumption that if it’s about popularity, then it must be used by mostly popular people.

This isn’t always the case though. By knowing how to connect with different audiences through various mediums like Instagram, Twitter, or even Snapchat, you will find success in the space.

By being aware of what types of content your followers are looking for, you can create those posts to share. Your followers will feel appreciated and wanted once again!

Your personal account should remain consistent, but there are times when things get busy and you just don’t have time to put into posting. That’s totally okay!

If you ever feel overwhelmed or tired, try organizing yourself into groups or levels of accounts.

Be honest

v rock

As mentioned before, your passion will show in your actions and how you carry yourself. If there’s something you want to do, go after it with all of your heart. Don’t half-ass it – you’ll lose interest quickly.

When we were kids, most people our age wanted to be like The Avengers or Batman. It is totally normal to still wish for superpowers and a cool utility belt. However, I think what less teens and adults get these days is that not everyone wants to be Captain America.

I read an article where the writer said that if you don’t feel passionate about being rich, wealthy, or powerful, then don’t aim to achieve those things. He said you can be very happy living just like the average person, investing in experiences instead.

This makes sense to me because as humans, I believe we need to feel valued and needed by others to feel good about ourselves. We learn this from parents, friends, and society at large.

If you never felt loved as a child, chances are you won’t love yourself much later on. You’ll miss out on the little joys in life such as enjoying a movie you would have normally skipped over because you didn’t feel worthy of entertainment.

You’ll also miss out on learning new skills and experiencing new things because you didn’t feel capable of them.

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