What Defines Rock Music?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

All music is rhythm, and all great rock music contains strong rhythmic patterns. Whether it’s a drum beat, a guitar riff, or a voice part, every element comes together to form a song that people can connect with and relate to.

Music is powerful because it can motivate, inspire, and influence us in ways we feel connected to. When you are listening to your favorite songs, what do you love about them?

It could be the lyrics, the melody, or the overall mood of the piece. Or maybe it’s just the groove!

When it comes down to it, so-called “rock bands” have always played an integral role in shaping our culture. They’ve created some of the most well known melodies and rhythms in history, like the ones in The Beatles’ classic tune “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

In this article, we’ll talk more about how important rhythm is to rock music, and why it’s such a defining feature. Then, we will discuss five types of beats that make up the bulk of any rock song.

What defines rock music?

Rock is defined by its rhythm. More than anything else, rock musicians use rhythm to tell their stories through music.

Rhythm helps give shape and structure to songs. It also acts as a basis for music theory, like meter (or timing) and tempo (speed).

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