What Does Indie Music Mean – Let’s Explore

Posted by Mike Schumacher

In this article, I’ll take you to the mountains, where indie bands create the sound and music of this world.

First, think of the phrase, “indie music.” What do you think of?

Does it sound like something you would hear in a pop song? It probably sounds like upbeat music and popular genres.

Indie musicians aren’t creating mainstream, commercial music. They are breaking into genres that have long been dominated by popular music.

Most listeners aren’t aware that indie music artists exist. This is a mistake, though.

Every person in the world has the capacity to create something great. Let’s explore indie music.

Indie musicians are defined by The Independent Music Awards as artists, bands, and labels that produce music for a small-to-medium-sized audience. Indie artists are connected to a local community and culture.

A few of these artists are: The Decemberists, Father John Misty, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, Paul Weller, Travis, and more.

The existence of indie music artists implies an expansion of who we are as humans. These artists reflect the humanistic and individualistic nature of humanity.

They choose to make their art and music about personal and individual experiences.

These indie artists use music as a way to express their individuality, which is the essence of indie music.

“Folk music is music that can be played solo, but it requires a communal experience when performed. Indie music is music that you can play alone, but requires a communal experience when performed.” -Aiken

What is indie spirit

how hard is it to play drums

Indie music artists don’t have a record label or a massive team behind them. Indie music artists are making music to express their personal experiences.

What can make this music unique? The answer is their imagination.

These artists make music in the same way we create and tell stories. These artists have free will and express what they see in their mind.

Most people have the power to be creative. When we are being creative, we may be bored or stuck.

Indie music artists use this boredom to create their music. For example, Nick Drake said, “I wrote a lot of songs when I was bored, which is where the quality of the song really comes in.”

Indie artists aren’t limited by conventions or preconceived ideas. In the opinion of The Independent Music Awards, “Indie artists have a vision for their music and aren’t concerned with being liked or accepted.”

Indie musicians don’t rely on other people for their music or an audience. They have to make the music on their own.

In contrast, popular artists put their music out into the world in hopes of receiving money from a large audience. Indie music artists go out and create their own experiences with other people.

They create for themselves and their community

alternative music

Indie music fans seek out indie music. Indie music fans have higher expectations for music. Indie music fans listen to these artists because they like the music and the art.

Indie music fans aren’t like the typical pop fans. They don’t want to hear the same song over and over again.

Indie music fans enjoy the music, the art, and the message. These fans have higher standards for art.

Indie music artists give their fans something more valuable than music: they give their fans an experience. Indie music artists use music as a tool for connection and healing.

I’ve had many intimate experiences with music. Most of them have been with indie music artists.

Some of these experiences have been with people I’ve never met.

Every time I’ve shared music with another person, I’ve felt an increase in connection and empathy.

The connection is one of the most important aspects of my relationship with the artist.

Music connects and changes lives. Music changes and helps people heal.

When we listen to and support these artists, we are supporting our communities and empowering ourselves. In an age where social media often creates superficial relationships, real relationships have greater value.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to some of my favorite indies musicians.

Come on, sing along:

Chantal Kreviazuk (Chantal Kreviazuk)

The wife of Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace, Chantal Kreviazuk is a Juno award winning Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. She has released 13 studio albums, three holiday albums and two EP’s.

She is known for her gritty lyrics, lovely voice, and heartfelt musical style. Her first studio album was the 2000 self-titled Chantal Kreviazuk, and her latest album is Broken Open.

Zola Jesus (Arielle Zola Jesus)

Zola Jesus has been a popular indie artist for almost a decade. She blends electronic with her original songs.

Zola Jesus performs using two synthesizers and her voice.

She also composes and produces all of her music, and is the co-founder of the website Pretty. Odd. She is currently on a world tour.

Princess Nokia (Nieta “Princess” Nokia)

You may recognize her stage name. She is best known for her single, “Lean Back.” Princess Nokia is a rapper who grew up in a Housing projects in the East Village in New York City.

She graduated with an English degree from Binghamton University in 2014. The Guardian called her her “hottest new rapper.” Princess Nokia released her debut album, 1992 this March.

Why? Why Now?

This music video will raise the questions: why do I love indie music? Why do I love indie music artists?

Why do these artists matter to me? And why do I love these indies musicians so much?

These questions will help me and you to begin answering them.

Why do I love indie music?

Learning drums with air sticks

I love indie music because I believe that the indies are the real deal. They are artistically uncompromising.

They do not conform to a preset mold, and they do not accept anyone telling them what is or is not an “indie” artist.

Indie music artists make music that is real and that matters. Indie music artists focus on the message and the message alone.

Independent artists create content that reflects their values and who they are. Indie music artists respect their audience’s intelligence.

Indie artists don’t limit their audience’s experience by convincing them to listen to music. Indie artists create music that is inclusive of all people, not just people like them.

Indie artists believe that their listeners are worthy of receiving their art in the best possible format.

Indie artists know that each person has something to give, and they use their music to give it to us.


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