What Does Indie Music Say About You – An Outlook

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss what does indie music say about you, as it relates to your musical preferences and personalities. To do this, we will first discuss what is “indie music” and what defines it.

First, you need to define what “indie music” is. As it turns out, there is no agreement amongst music fans as to what this term means.

Many refer to indie music as “alternative music” or “acoustic music.” Others refer to it as “dance music”.

Still others believe it to be nothing more than “good music”.

Regardless, one thing is clear. The majority of musicians don’t consider themselves to be part of the indie music scene.

Therefore, an indie musician is any musician who falls outside of the conventional boundaries of mainstream music.

Despite the current subculture’s lack of consensus, it is widely accepted that indie music is music which comes from independent record labels.

It is music which is generally “self-produced”. Artists generally do not receive funding, production assistance, marketing assistance, or other such assistance from their record label.

The labels simply do not invest in this type of music.

What indie music says about you

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So, what does it say about you if you identify as an indie musician? Well, first, we need to look at what indie music says about the culture which it thrives within.

If you are an indie musician, then you represent a certain counter-culture. You are not part of the mainstream music scene, nor are you even exactly indie.

You are what many consider a “romantic populist.” This is a musical genre which often favors sensitive, introspective, acoustic music.

This type of music can be as boring as it is catchy. It is music which tends to struggle with melody and harmony.

While some may see this music as the “purple music” of the 90s, it is much more popular now than it was in the 90s. Indie music is the soundtrack to many average folk’s lives.

You are just an average music fan. You love indie music.

Although many would classify indie music as “indie,” there is a key difference between being “indie” and being “indie.”

Indie music is not indie. Indie music is indie. Indie music does not refer to “alternative” or “alternative music.” Indie music refers to indie. It is independent music.

You may be confused. Many musicians say they are indie. They even have logos and record covers which are indie. But this doesn’t make them indie.

Indie labels and musicians are confusingly often referred to as being indie. If you see such a logo or cover, you are being manipulated.

If you feel happy and excited upon hearing the first few notes of a particular artist’s song, then you have been manipulated. This person has either been paid to play a part in the musical industry, or they are the product of mass marketing.

In either case, you are being manipulated.

If, however, you hear a particular song that is not catchy, and not interesting, then you can rest assured that the song is being produced by an indie musician. This is the real indie.

This is the real music scene. This is the real music movement.

This is the real “indie music” culture.

What does it mean to be “indie”?

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Indie culture is not as a maligned genre. But it is often overlooked, misinterpreted, and underestimated.

It is not exactly known by many people, but for many indie music fans, it is their music. It’s their genre. It’s their culture.

Indie music doesn’t fit the mold. Indie music doesn’t fit the world.

Indie is the attitude, the philosophy, the kind of music and attitude which you are proud to promote. Indie is that small gathering of people, gathering together, the indie music community, the indie music scene.

Do not be intimidated by the labels, or the insinuations, or the argument that the music is no good. Indie music is not about being liked.

Indie music is about supporting the artist.

Indie music is about having a conversation, a dialogue, a discussion. Indie music is about having a conversation with each other.

Indie music is a constant pulse of artistic and intellectual stimulation. Indie music is like a beacon. Indie music is a chance to live. Indie music is alive.

Indie is a musical category, which acknowledges its own lack of depth, yet retains hope. Indie music is a musical expression, which dances to its own beat.

Indie music is a musical expression, which dances to its own tune. Indie music is a musical expression, which dances to its own music.

Indie music is a culture. Indie music is a community. Indie music is a movement.

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Indie music fans are the most hardcore music fans around. They can recognize genuine talent anywhere.

They are creative. They are artistic.

They are raw. They are authentic.

The ability to identify real talent is a basic human instinct. Indie music fans can spot it like a bat out of hell.

Indie music fans, true indies, are passionate. Indie music fans are uninhibited.

Indie music fans are generous. Indie music fans are inspiring.

Indie music fans are kind. Indie music fans are genuine.


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