What Is Indie Pop Music – The True Definition

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Everyone knows the term “indie pop”. You know the name, the fans love the name and it has proven itself to be a versatile term.

I will discuss what the term means, but I want to take it further than simply covering the idea of “pop” and the “indie” label.

Let’s go deeper, into the bands. I will primarily cover modern indie pop music.

Popularized by Alex Greenwald. Currently a member of Plain White T’s. Also a solo artist.

What is “Pop”?

Colorful jazz concert

A definition of pop music is quite simple: “Pop” is music for the masses. It is music for the masses.

Pop music is something you hear in your daily life. It is music that is heard on the radio.

It is music that is heard in a store, on the radio, or in a bar. The term pop music can be used to describe any music that is popular with the masses.

A general definition of pop music is very broad. It could be said that pop music is music that appeals to everybody.

The general definition of “pop” is a broad one, but it is the definition that is most commonly used.


Lyrics are the same as I said in the section about song structure.

They can be used to describe pop music in the same ways that other terms can.

Lyrics do not strictly define pop music, but they can be used to define a genre.


A personnel listing includes all of the people associated with the band.

The members

The members of the band are listed alphabetically. These people will be listed because they are most important.

The members will be listed in no particular order, but the first three on the list are often the best and most important people in the band.

The person listed first will often be the best and most important member of the band.

The bassist

The bassist will often be the main “rock”-style bassist in a band. There are many artists who play both acoustic and electric bass.

These are often the best artists of the genre of pop music.

The guitarists

This is where things get very interesting. Pop music generally has a guitar sound.

You can also often hear a synthesizer or violin in pop music. If you were to listen to a pop song, you would hear a guitar solo or a violin solo (sometimes both) with the other instruments in the song.

The synthesizer

Some pop songs will contain a synthesizer, which is the violin and synth sounds in a pop song, layered on top of a guitar solo.

The drummers

A drum sample. Drum samples are pop music.

Drums are used in all genres of pop music. A drum sample is a recorded sound of a drum playing along with a pop song.

These samples may also be played on a digital drum kit or drum machine.

The instrumentalists

The instrumentalists will often be someone who plays keys or a keyboard, but there will be a range of instrumentalists in any genre of pop music. The reason for this is because there are so many different types of keyboards.

Pop musicians need a range of keyboardists, so they can be the keyboards, a guitar player, or someone who plays piano, bass guitar, percussion instruments, synthesizer, or any of the other instruments that a pop song may feature.

Who is pop?

Music band performing in front of building

Pop is the music that has been the most popular in America. Pop has been the most popular music in America for a very long time.

“That’s Pop to you” is what you say to your friends if you are unsure about whether a song is pop or not. You do not like pop music.

You do not listen to it. You feel that all pop music is bad.

That is an old American slang term that came from a book of slang called the Oxford English Dictionary. This slang phrase is an old American way of saying, “What is pop to me may not be pop to you, but it is probably pop to someone in another part of the country.”

This is why you can see a song by The Beatles called “She Loves You” in the section on the early years of pop music. This song has a lot of unique sounds.

The producer, George Martin, made the unique sounds that this song had. This is also the first time that electric guitar and a piano were used in a pop song.

“She Loves You”

“She Loves You” is a very simple pop song. All of the instruments and sounds are easy to identify.

This is a simple jazz song. The saxophone is the main instrument that is featured.

There is no bass guitar in this song, but there is a violin in the background. This was the first time that a violin was heard in a pop song.

The Beatles

After The Beatles made the first pop song that had electric guitar, the genre exploded. In 1965, almost every pop artist in America had at least one song that had an electric guitar.

It was only two years later that, in 1967, the first rock song to not have electric guitar was played. You can clearly see how popular rock music started to become.

The instrumentation changed, which led to pop artists experimenting with new sounds.

In a year, pop artist started to break new ground. When “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses was released, it was the first electric guitar song by a pop artist that did not feature a bass guitar.

That was the first sign of a rock revolution in America.

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