What Is Indie Soul Music – The Definition

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss what is indie soul music, who are some of the artists and other various things about the genre.

This is not an article to define what is indie soul music, but an explanation of the genre’s various aspects.

How indie soul music compares to R&B and Hip Hop

R&B is one of the biggest genres in the world. R&B is also often compared to hip hop because of the sound the two genres share.

Rap and R&B share many similarities and even some common themes. Some might argue that hip hop does more to advance the world and is more progressive than R&B is.

One way to measure these comparisons is to look at mainstream airplay in the US.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart measures airplay on mainstream radio stations in the US. The airplay charts can also be viewed as an indicator of popularity of different genres of music.

Popular R&B songs are on the charts more often than rap songs. In fact, four of the last five songs in the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 were songs in the R&B genre.

In the past few years, hip hop has expanded its influence into other genres. Artists like Lady Gaga, Kesha, Lorde, Cardi B, and Chance The Rapper have each crossed over to the pop charts.

The influence of rap music on other genres of music is even more evident in the YouTube charts. The Hip Hop and R&B charts reflect the airplay of these genres as well as the number of YouTube views.

One way to see how mainstream hip hop compares to R&B is to compare the YouTube charts for each genre.

Both hip hop and R&B songs are on the top of the charts for their respective genres. However, in the Hip Hop and R&B charts, there are more R&B songs than hip hop songs.

There are also more R&B artists than hip hop artists on the YouTube charts.

 What is indie soul music?

Two men playing electric guitars

Indie soul music is a sub-genre of R&B that falls between the two main genres of R&B and hip hop. It contains R&B, hip hop, pop, soul, electronica and more.

Artists who make indie soul music are typically from the U.S. as well as overseas. One of the most well-known indie soul musicians is Solange Knowles.

Also, one of the most well-known acts is JoJo. You can read more about JoJo’s history, music, and recent projects in an earlier article.

This article will discuss the following points about indie soul music. It is not always an R&B or hip hop style.

There are some artists who have had mainstream success that are indie soul musicians. There are also indie soul artists that have made a lasting impression on R&B and hip hop.

A few people might think that the Indie Soul Music is actually similar to Indie Rock or Alternative music. But, according to the Pitchfork Review, indie soul is not a genre.

One of the biggest differences between indie soul music and R&B and hip hop is the presence of hip hop producers. Instead of a rapper producing the song, a producer makes the beats for indie soul music.

There are also indie soul artists that are not originally from the U.S. One of the biggest indie soul artists is India Arie. There are also many indie soul artists that are women.

Some indie soul musicians are from the US but are based in the UK, Australia, or even Canada.

The presence of hip hop producers and hip hop style leads some people to compare indie soul music to a genre called hip hop soul. However, indie soul artists are very diverse and their music is often described as soul.

Many indie soul artists are quite popular and have been on the charts for years. One of the most popular indie soul musicians in the world is Sam Smith.

Are there indie soul artists making SoundCloud hits?

What are you listening to today?

Probably the best way to see if you like Indie Soul Music is to search on YouTube or Soundcloud. You can do this by typing in the following search query: “Indie soul” or “indie soul music”.

YouTube searches usually show trending or popular videos, but you can also click on the “All music videos” and “Top Albums” tabs to find Indie Soul and other R&B and hip hop music.

You can also search on the SoundCloud site for Indie Soul Music and R&B music.

Search for artists such as Thelma Houston, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and others.

When you need to identify indie soul music

The most common way to identify Indie Soul Music is through artists with a distinctive style or signature style.

There are some artists who are most commonly associated with Indie Soul Music. You can see a list of some of the most prominent artists in the above chart.

However, there are also many indie soul artists that are not on the list. In some cases, they are not as well-known but have incredible talent that is yet to be recognized by a larger audience.

Not all artists who are associated with indie soul music share the same signature style. The most common styles are:

  • R&B/Soul
  • Punk
  • Classic R&B
  • Dance
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Dubstep
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