What is the Best Starter Drum Set for a 4 Year Old?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Is your child is already starting to develop a sense of rhythm? Do you see his or her eyes light up at the sound of music? This may be the perfect time to invest in a drum set even at such an early age.

The first step would be to pick a great toddler drum set. Luckily, I have researched and developed a list of some great drums set for toddlers.

Getting your toddler a full drum set maybe a little too overwhelming—however it could work under some circumstances.

For most toddlers, I would start with something a little less advanced.

Let’s first dive into the anatomy of a drum set

A drum kit—also called a drum set, trap set. A drum set can also be entirely electronic.

A basic contemporary set usually contains: a pair of sticks, 4 or so drums to hit with your hands, a pedal operated by the ideal foot which moves a felt-covered beater into another drum, and cymbals (those metal things hanging over and on the side of the drums).

The drums that you hit your hand include:

  • Toms (the boomy, bucket type of sound).
  • Snare (the higher-pitched, slappy type of sound)
  • Cymbals

What beginner drum set should I get my toddler?

Take a look at this. It is a fully functional electronic drum set, however condensed so that everything you’ll need to play is right in front of you.

This drum machine is from the brand Alesis, which makes great high-end gear as well, so we know their other products will also be good.

The machine comes with different sounds for each drum as well as different sounds that you can change in and out.

Some really cool features this has:

  • A built-in drum coach which will give your kid different exercises to play. This is really helpful if you don’t want to invest in lessons and you yourself don’t play drums (or you want to learn with your child!)
  • Games. It has rhythmic games that will tell you to hit certain pads at certain times with the rhythm. This is an excellent strategy to get young people to learn as well.
  • Chords. It has built-in musical chords that you can hit and trigger. These are amazing for developing a sense of musicality along with rhythm and they will certainly keep you entertained and your child dazzled.

Trigger sensing units are most typically used to change the acoustic drum sounds, but they can typically also be utilized effectively with an acoustic package to enhance or supplement an instrument’s noise for the requirements of the session or program.

Other electronic drums for my four-year-old

We can opt for a more complete electronic drum set as well—that is, more similar to a traditional kit.

As we all are conscious of the reality that it is challenging for the moms and dads to pick the very best newbie drum set for their kids, it is because they need to ensure that the drum set that they select will assist their kids to enhance their drumming abilities and practice on it for a very long time.

A kit such as this one below is a little bit more of an investment but it will serve well for when the child is older.

Like we say, for a four-year-old, this may be a bit too much. However, if they have a good instructor it is definitely possible and much less overwhelming then an acoustic drum kit.

In this method, an electronic drum sound will be produced when the instrument is played/struck, along with the original sound voiced by the instrument being readily available, if so preferred.

A trigger pad might include approximately 2 independent sensing units, each of them efficient in sending out details describing the timing and dynamic strength of a stroke to the drum module/brain.

Various drum software items provide a recording function, the ability to choose from several acoustically distinct drum sets (e.g., jazz, rock, metal), as well as the choice to incorporate different songs into the session.

Some software for the desktop computer (PC) can turn any hard surface area into a virtual drum kit utilizing just one microphone.

electronic drum kit for kids

The Facts About The Best Junior Drum Sets For Kids – A Guide For Grown-ups … Uncovered

Acoustic drums for a toddler?

Drum sets for kids are not simply for home entertainment just, however also for increasing the creativity and intelligence quota of your child.

If you want to invest in the full acoustic kit for your 4 year old, it may be completely inspiring to them, especially if you have been to a music store and seen them enjoying it.

There are many Junior Drum Kits which can get your kid up and running. Here is one by the company Mendini. They have the basics that you would need—a three piece drum set (kick, snare and tom) and a cymbal. The throne and drum sticks come with it as well.

This type of kit is great since the acoustics won’t be super loud, it can fit in a corner and it will be more inspiring perhaps than an electronic kit.

If you are thinking about the wood building and construction this is not the most advanced kit. However to get them started this could be very inspiring.

There are also a variety of color options, which even to me (an advanced drummer) are a factor I always consider.


One of these kits will totally prove to be a hit with your kid and he or she will feel like a real rock star. Hopefully, you can make the best decision according to your financial or spatial constraints and give your child the gift of music!

There you have it! Delighted buying!.

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