Who is the WORST Singer in the World?—?*drum roll*

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When it comes to singers there is plenty of room to botch it.

Some of us, by dint of their musical training, are more aware of when someone completely falls on their face. However, to some, it is just completely obvious that they can’t hold a tune.

We want to officially give the award for the worst singer in the world, but you’ll have to wait till the end.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of other horrendous singers who have been lucky to make it in show biz.

Fred Durst

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Oh man, how I dislike Fred Durst. Not only is his music obnoxious and bothersome, but he is just the most annoying person to see in interviews.

He also has begun to direct movies. He has directed a movie called “The Fanatic”, and he somehow wrangled in John Travolta, who I’ve completely lost respect for. He wants to tell a compelling story about a mentally handicapped fan of an actor, but the result is a tripe piece of generic and offensively stereotypical cinema.

His style as a vocalist is a combination of rap and, I guess we can call it singing. It’s not even challenging lyrics or heavy metal vocals. The recordings sound literally like trash on a mic.

Iggy Azalea

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I’ll get this out of the way, “Fancy” and “Black Widow” are great tunes. Everything else is terrible, however.

Why is she sow bad? Well she really can’t sing. And her lyrics are all about her being the ‘shit’ and partying, which gives her an extra layer of annoying.

Justin Bieber

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Now that the little twerp that rocked everyone’s world on YouTube is grown up, we see him as the lame-ass that he is.

This kid seriously needs to recognize that he can’t sing and that his songs are truly irritating.

Britney Spears

Brit is evidence that even with a degrading voice and lazy dance moves, you can still be popular in the music market.

Her entire career was produced by her record label, and studio engineers definitely worked overtime to get her voice up to par so that it could be played on every radio station across the world.

But the jig is up, and Brit’s singing voice has actually been exposed as absolutely nothing more than a lot of autotune.

Avril Lavigne

Avril makes the top worst singers list

Avril Lavigne sold 16 million copies of her debut album in 2002. Ever since, even her beloved fans have realized that the Canadian singer is a pretty awful vocalist.

She has gotten better from her Sk8er Boi days, but she still leaves nothing to the imagination in her ability to keep a tune.

She released a self-titled album in 2013 which sold 650,000 around the world. Which sounds like a lot, but compared to her early days people are noting that she’s lost her touch.

In reference to the lyrics of Sk8er Boi, she actually did grow up to marry a real-life rockstar. Unfortunately, she chose one of the worst ones to help her out with her singing.

We were hoping that maybe her husband, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, would help her out, with singing lessons or as an instructor, however, we now realize this is a terrible idea. His voice is probably worse than hers.



Okay you’ve been patient, let’s hear who actually deserves the prize for the worst singer in the world.

Worst singer in the world! — Florence Foster Jenkins

florence foster jenkins

What? Who?

This girl was the original OG of shitty out-of-tune vocals. She was a famous opera singer in the 1900s and people literally come to laugh at her.

She would carry out a handful of concerts in New York, Washington, and Newport, where the audience was filled with faithful good friends who encouraged her to pursue her dreams, in addition to curious music fans who felt compelled to witness the carnage.

Jenkins could neither sing on essential nor keep a rhythm, yet she kept audiences entertained with a myriad of costume changes.

Florence’s Life

She joined lots of social clubs as “chairman of music,” finding a particular ability for directing luxurious, full-scale operatic productions before establishing her own Verdi Club in 1917.

The great thing about her was that she was so completely naive of her talentlessness but had such an uplifting spirit that people would come to regard her as motivating.

It’s most likely that, in the age of American Idol and The Voice and all the rest, we’ve inured ourselves to shows and tell of arrhythmic and tuneless singing, but those specific butcheries tend to be directed at material largely drawn from the popular canon.

It’s a bit like an amateur tightrope walker attempting the Niagara Falls crossing, over and over again, with every initial step a spill. And yet, each time she beams, triumphant, insisting she’s made it and in the finest style.

The audience would not want to hurt her feelings. When they had to laugh, they would instead break out into applause and whistles.


As we’ve said in other articles, these are just for fun. Not being able to carry a tune doesn’t disqualify you from fame, or even people enjoying the music you make.

As we’ve learned from the case of Florence, when we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, just break out into applause and whistles—that will show them to make bad music!

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