Why Are Some Singers So Popular In The World

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss why some singers are so popular around the world. Since most artists all have different fan bases all over the globe, we will take a look at the groups that appeal to certain audiences around the globe.

Drake is the most followed artist in the world with 73 million Instagram followers

What are you listening to today?

A wide range of audiences has been drawn in by Drake’s music. His global appeal is probably his strongest one.

Drake’s ability to expand his fan base is just one of the qualities that have earned him the title of being the most followed artist in the world with over 73 million followers on his Instagram page.

His diverse fanbase is such that he reaches out to fans of all ages and walks of life. Drake reaches these fans via his musical tracks, acting, and his appearances on many television shows.

His documentary “Scary Hours” received a wide range of positive reviews

In April 2016, Drake released the documentary Scary Hours and it received a wide range of positive reviews. It was written by Drizzy himself, who has been candid about his struggles.

In the film, Drizzy spoke about his childhood, how he always felt different and that he was constantly told that he would never make it in the world.

From starting from humble beginnings to recording multiple hit singles, Drake has shown that he has talent.

Pop stars like Taylor Swift have the same cultural reach as Drake


With a roster of famous musical artists and many more that simply support them, the music of Taylor Swift has gained a reputation of being listened to by a wide range of people around the world.

Swift recently topped the UK chart for a sixteenth time with her single “Look What You Made Me Do”.

She reached out to her fans via social media, where she regularly posts snaps and photos with her millions of fans. As with Drake, her extensive reach may be a contributing factor to her growing popularity.

The Latin American audience is very special to Taylor Swift

Pop star Taylor Swift may not be fluent in Spanish but the singer has always expressed an interest in the language. Swift recently held her residency show in Las Vegas.

Swift had been previously criticized for only releasing songs in English and for the lack of collaborations in her work.

Now Swift is playing a more active role in music, collaborating with artists and appearing in the new Spanish music video for “Despacito”.

Taylor Swift is not the only English-speaking artist to be heavily supported in Latin America. Adele is another well-known English singing artist that also is extremely popular in the Spanish-speaking world.

Bieber has many fans in Australia

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Justin Bieber is another well-known singer that is now gaining an international audience after he established himself as a successful singer in the US.

His huge fanbase can be attributed to his fans, who can see his performances and music videos all around the world, on TV and online.

Even though his fans may be made up of teenagers and young adults, Bieber’s voice is not just enjoyed by young people.

People of all ages listen to his songs, whether it’s in the car, at home, or in a club.

Fans of Bieber listen to his songs not only because they are catchy but also because he is an inspirational figure.

Some of his songs seem to reflect the view that people should follow their dreams and that they will be able to achieve the things that they want to if they believe in themselves.

Bieber has over 91 million Instagram followers

Bieber has developed an increasingly close relationship with his fans. His social media following and Instagram handle are both very impressive.

Bieber’s Instagram handle has over 91 million followers, which is more than all the other artists who have over 27 million followers.

His following is so big, it is being compared to those of Justin Beiber’s parents.

Bieber’s influence on young people is overwhelming

With such a large social media following, the public can see that Bieber is an influence on young people all over the world.

The young fans enjoy the simplicity and honesty of his music and his public image. With over 14 million likes, his latest Instagram post of a shot of his foot is one of his most liked posts.

Bieber’s new album has been called “Purposeful Pop”

Bieber’s new album has been labeled as “Purposeful Pop” and it will be the second one in which Bieber is solely credited with the production.

The album is described as “unsettling”. It shows that Bieber has changed his sound and created something very different from his earlier albums.

He worked with the likes of producers Skrillex and Diplo. He also collaborated with Nicki Minaj on a song called “No Brainer”.

He is trying to appeal to a wider audience with the new album and there are some songs in the album that are more sexually oriented.

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