Why Are There No Female Drummers

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss why are there no female drummers. I am talking about those who make and play the drum kit.

I am sure that you have noticed that male drummers have been dominating the music scene for a long time, with only one man in a couple of bands.

I can go further to say that the very fact that there are only men playing the drums is a bad thing.

Drummers have such a huge role in music and it is disheartening that it is still the only thing females can play at this point.

So why are there no female drummers?

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The obvious answer to this is that there are no women taking drum lessons.

No females are going to spend time, money, and energy studying the instrument if there are hardly any female teachers out there to guide them.

So what is it going to take to make a female drumming phenomenon? It is going to take the right attitude and actually sending out the message that there are more than enough women who play the drums.

We need to encourage women to take lessons and to play drums because this will ensure that there are many female drummers at a future point in time.

We will also start seeing more females taking drum lessons and this will help them to excel and become really skilled drummers in the future.

Why are there so few female drummers?

The answer to this question will depend on who you are asking. If you are asking a male person, then the answer is quite simple.

It is probably going to be because all the males grew up playing drums.

For a long time, drums were one of the only instruments for a male to learn and practice on, so a lot of men had drums in their house or at school and it was one of the first instruments they learned on.

I remember going to my lessons at school and the teacher used to explain to us how all boys learn drums because we were the only ones.

For this reason, I think that it was quite common for male children to be naturally interested in drumming.

On the other hand, if you are asking a female person why there are so few female drummers then this is something that she has to answer herself.

What is the reason for the fewest female drummers?

Woman Drummer. High Heels

Many factors come into play here, but the main problem is that drummers are not popular with the girls.

Drummers, generally speaking, are seen as nerdy, so there are very few girls who want to play the instrument.

From the very start, the majority of girls grow up disliking the instrument, which means that they have very little interest in learning and practicing.

We must give female drummers a chance to try drumming because this will open their minds to what it is all about.

It will also help them to see the difference between the world of drumming and the world of sports.

Girls have a lot of sports in which to participate, so why are they not participating in this popular instrument?

I feel that many female drummers are so scared to try drumming because of this fear of rejection, but this is silly.

Most people who don’t like the instrument are not going to tell a girl to stop drumming.

Girls have a lot to offer the world and if a girl is so scared to try drumming, then she is not only letting herself down but is also setting herself up to fail.

I think that drumming should be an equal opportunity for both genders and I would love to see a day when a young girl gets out of school and wants to go to drumming lessons because it sounds like a fun and exciting thing to do.

We need to encourage more females to drum and let them know that there are no drawbacks to doing so.

What can the drumming industry do to promote more female drummers?

The drumming industry is a business, so the answer to this question will be based on what they think will be beneficial for their business.

There is no doubt that drumming is a massive industry. There are millions of players and each player is making money from playing.

So, what can they do to promote more female drummers? If I was the boss of the drumming industry, I would do everything I could to change people’s minds about girls and drumming.

Girls have such great potential and there is no reason why they can’t do a great job playing drums.

The question that needs to be answered is, “Why are there so few female drummers?” The answer to this question is the first step to change.

Here’s how I would go about changing people’s minds about female drummers:

Get female drummers to promote the instrument

Woman in black v neck shirt and black denim shorts holding microphone

This is a great way of getting more girls involved and it is a great way of making drumming a more interesting subject for girls to talk about.

The music that I have been playing with Jamie Smith (Ben Luke) has made drumming cool, which is a fantastic thing because drumming is a huge part of popular music.

I know for a fact that the instrument has never been in more demand than it is right now. There are a huge number of players on the rise.

There is so much potential for female drummers and if we could get more female drummers to be involved then drumming will get the chance to grow to even bigger heights.

Get more women into the spotlight

Another thing that I would do to promote female drummers is to get more of them in the spotlight.

When there are many girls playing drums, the media will have a field day writing about the subject and this could open up more opportunities for people to try drumming.

The more girls we have in the spotlight, the better the chances are of getting more girls involved and the more people who will be encouraged to try the instrument.

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