Why Can’t Drummers Dance

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Can drummers dance? Usually not very well!

Here we will explain the main reasons why it is difficult for the average drummer to dance, and also what should be done to help.

Musicians who play drums and are not good at dancing generally do not mind this at all, but I feel that anyone who wants to take their dancing skills to the next level needs to learn to dance in a way that promotes health and well-being, and that is easy for everyone to follow.

I am a recovering gymnast, a former dancer, and a past member of dance groups and dancing groups with great names such as the Big Mambas and the Dirty Mambas (that’s what I called the Mambas to our mates).

For many years I danced up to three times a week and three dance competitions a week. I was also the entertainment at many weddings, evening balls, and dance parties and in addition to all this, I participated in and hosted many events.

My experience of dancing regularly for many years and working in dance groups has given me a good perspective on what dancers need and how to put that into practice.

My first approach to dancing, and how to address the problems encountered, is to share this with you

Woman in black v neck shirt and black denim shorts holding microphone

There is not a lot of research to draw upon about dance practices that encourage well-being, and most of what is out there about well-being have a negative slant to it.

The results of this are twofold. On the one hand, there are more and more fitness and dance clubs being established, which might be seen as a positive development, but on the other hand, this is being done to make sure that they get customers who will pay, and not help to encourage health and well-being.

I feel that it is a shame to have clubs that are just set up to make money and not to help people to enjoy the dance and feel great about themselves.

I can imagine that some may do this because it helps to fill their pockets, but I have known clubs that have helped people to have great experiences as a result of the organization of the event and the performances.

The main thing that dancing teaches us is how to relate to others

Not only is it about how we can dance with others, but how we can dance for others.

This brings us back to the dance instruction that takes place in the venues such as training rooms, around the hall, or even on the dance floor, where the main emphasis is on teaching the steps and the transitions, which at first seems like the most important thing.

However, the main benefit is the way that the movement of the body translates to a great degree how we feel.

I also feel that the success of dancing is measured by how easily the group or social dance or group experience becomes a way of connecting with others, and not just doing moves and steps to have fun.

For me, the basic things to think about when we are dancing are: how to be comfortable, how to make a connection with other people, how to relate to the music and with ourselves, and most importantly how to do it in a way that makes the experience fun for everyone else and that is easy to follow.

There are some simple things that we can do to make this easier for everyone

Two men playing electric guitars

Make sure that we are all wearing loose, comfortable clothing and not too close-fitting, and that we are not standing near the edge of the dance floor, and that we are not stepping on the floor and causing it to rumble.

I have seen that many people in particular wear “dance shoes” when they go to clubs, but I know of very few who ever do it with any regularity.

As we look at all of these points, we realize that many of us are very nervous about dancing, especially in new environments.

This is just our nervous system being taken over by the things that have happened in the past and the anxieties that still have a hold on us.

At the same time, though, our nervous system also knows that it should be here being with other people in an uplifting and happy way. So it gets stuck somewhere between the two situations.

Dancing does offer us many opportunities to overcome the stresses and fears that we might have when we attend clubs and groups, and it does so in an engaging, enjoyable, and challenging way.

We all have an inner voice that tells us that we are doing the right thing and that we are fine.

The trick is to listen to that voice and trust that the worries are gone as soon as we walk in the door and we start moving.

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