Why Do Drummers Have Long Hair

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss why do drummers have long hair. I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible so don’t feel offended if you are ignorant about such things.

You can always jump to the answer section if you don’t understand or skip to it if you do.

Before we start looking into the history of hair growth in musicians, let’s have a brief overview of what each category of hair growth looks like.

The area between the fingers and the palm is known as the secretory granules (SGs).

It is a combination of keratin and protein and is believed to be a major component of nail polish as well as hair and nails.

These granules are responsible for skin elasticity

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On the other hand, the areas between the fingers and the palms are known as the cortex.

These are located in between the muscle layers and are responsible for hair and nails being where they are. It is made up of mostly calcium and collagen, with some protein.

These are known as hair follicles. Although most hair is controlled by the cortex, some of it falls out because of the dead cells.

While most hair follicles are dormant, certain kinds of hair can act as germinated ones. This is the hair growth strategy that is used by professional drummers, according to Haze Silver.

As for the part between the knuckles (your wrists), this is where the base of your hair is connected to the cortex.

The name “coarse”, refers to the area in between the fingers.

It is also the site for finger-tip hair to emerge from. The lobe of your ear is also considered part of the scalp and it’s believed to be responsible for any hair that can be found on the top of your ear.

While there are no existing scientific studies that can provide evidence, anecdotal evidence suggests that the majority of the hair that grows in the ear is the same as the hair on the rest of the head.

It is believed that this hair is a mutation that occurred due to certain genetic causes.

As mentioned before, the cortex is also responsible for hair growth in other parts of the body as well as the hair follicles.

There is a protein that acts as a mediator in the hair growth process known as S1P3 and it works as a regulator of follicle growth.

When this protein is low, the rate of hair growth is high. When it is high, the hair growth rate is low.

While there are many attributes that hair growth factors control, the rate of hair growth in a hair follicle is the main one that is most responsible for determining the rate of hair growth.

Hair follicles are directly linked to specific genes, which control the rate at which new hair is generated.

Rate of hair growth

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Hair growth can be measured in several ways, depending on what standard you use. This is because hair growth is a process that takes place in several steps.

There are several ways to measure hair growth. One is to simply count the hairs that appear each day.

Another method is to take a visual note of your hair growth over a period of time. You can count the hairs with a mirror, and you can measure the growth with an acme or a galvanometer.

These are tools that you can use to measure the growth of your hair. In a more scientific approach, you can take samples of hair from each area of your scalp.

These will determine the average number of hairs each follicle produces every 24 hours.

Before we get into the science, let’s understand the benefits of growing your hair at a fast pace.

Hair growth benefits

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1. Hair grows more rapidly

Hair growth is controlled by the cortex, which has control over the most influential factors that determine hair growth.

2. It adds volume

When you stop growing your hair, it tends to look limp. When you choose to grow your hair, it will add volume to your hair and will also help to get rid of any coarse hair.

3. Hair grows faster

All the healthy hair tends to be at the top of the scalp, hence the reason that hair growth is a faster process in those areas.

4. Lengthening your hair

While some women prefer their hair to grow longer, many prefer to grow it in the form of curls. The rate of growth and the hair that grows is proportional to the growth in the cortex.

So, once the cortex begins to control the rate of hair growth, the hair that grows can get longer with increased length.

5. It helps to protect your hair

If you choose to grow your hair at a fast pace, you will have to focus more on protecting it from the heat of the sun.

This is why you should include protein-rich foods and foods that help to reduce your body hair as well as oil production, like avocado.

6. It also makes your hair look shiny

The thick and long hair will make your hair look shinier and as well as straight, which is an added benefit.

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