Why Do Drummers Have Screens Around Them

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Have you ever seen a screen around a drummer live? This is because they want to control the acoustic sound of their drums on stage.

This article will explain some ways that drummers control the sound of their drums, by muffling the drums or by putting things inside their drums.

Prevent feedback

Filming a man playing the drums

We usually associate the feedback with guitarists. However, if you look at any drummer, it’s always their sound that is being picked up.

The guitar is the loudest instrument around, but the drums are almost as loud. To avoid feedback, a drummer can buy some traps, a new keyboard, new speakers, new delay pedals, and more.

All these products will mask the sound of the drums. In addition to that, these products can also affect the sound of the cymbals.

To reduce the sound, one can either use a MIDI controller and load the drum sounds into a piano roll, or they can edit the drum sounds themselves.

Free drum synthesis tools

Music software that can help the drummer create a sound

When you use this software, you can record the sound of the drums onto your computer. You can load them into a synth or a new drum machine.

When you look at the drum sounds you recorded, you can listen to them or modify them. You can then play it through a new sound synthesizer to create more drum sounds.

Lately, drummers have also started to use software that will make the sound of the drums. For example, songs can now be created through a virtual drum machine.

These software programs will use the original recording and layer it with a drum machine to create a unique sound.

For many years, drums and bass players have used loops and kits, with a synthesizer added as an effect. This is how drums were created in the past.

However, drummers did not have to learn how to mix the synthesizers and the loops in such a way that all parts were equal.

Today, a lot of professional drummers use drum machine software to create drum parts

Dafydd Thomas - Mixing engineer based in Cardiffhttps://www.dafydd-thomas.com/

The machines of this kind can be used to create a complex drum pattern, in which the different drum parts are stored inside the same folder.

However, we can’t always control the drums on our own, which is why most drummers use a third party to control the sounds of the drums.

They choose a good drum machine program, which can be used to write drum parts. The drummers will use this program to write their drum parts and they will load them into the drum machine.

The drum machine will then create and play the drum parts on the drum set.

Drummers use plug-ins to add sounds to their instruments

We will explain how drummers create sound from their instruments using different plug-ins. The goal of a lot of drummers is to avoid feedback or, at least, keep it under control.

However, there is one problem with this – the drummers tend to prefer expensive instruments.

This means that you will have to spend a lot of money to get good equipment.

However, you can get a lot of equipment for free. That is why we will try to explain to you how to make the best use of free drum software to create new drum parts.

Muffle their drums

drummer playing to a click track

Tapping a drum has a frequency called the “sound velocity”. If the sound velocity of the drum is too high, it is too intense for the audience.

To make it softer, the drum muffles the sound velocity. The drum muffle also reduces the volume of the sound of the drums.

That means that the audience will hear the drum softer. Here is a video that shows the sound velocity of the drums. You can notice that the drums on the left are more intense than the ones on the right.

The average volume of a live drum is about 40 dB. However, the bass drum and snare can have a maximum volume of 100 dB.

So drummers need to muffle the sound of their drums, to make them less intense.

Muffle the sound of the drums through the enclosure

When the sound velocity of the drum is too high, it will be too intense for the audience. So drummers use enclosures to muffle the sound of the drums.

The drum enclosure does not allow the sound velocity to go through it. So the drum can be soft without being too loud.

There are different ways to make a drum enclosure. Some drummers use compression cones or cartridges, which make the sound of the drum louder.

But there are other ways to make a drum enclosure.

Muffling a drum through the enclosure

The simplest way to make a drum sound softer is to put something inside the drum. This can be a hard cone, like the one shown in the video below. Or it can be a cloth or a mesh.

Another way of making a drum sound softer is to use electronic amplification of the drum. But there is an issue with this because it takes too much time. Also, the sound of the drum can sound too distorted, because it doesn’t have a natural decay.

Muffling the sound of a drum through the enclosure with compression

Some drummers use compression cones or cartridges to muffle the sound of their drums. There is also a compression factor. Drummers use compression cones of different sizes to get the desired sound.



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