Why Does Certain Music Make Me Cry – How To Manage

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss why does certain music make me cry and how to manage those moments.

Inner ear:

Listening to the sounds of nature

Hearing loss may lead to frequency disorders as hearing sensitivity may be triggered in times of high emotional expression.

Some people experience crying at a greater frequency in comparison to others.

Emotion triggers:

When you notice a facial expression and also look around you, you will notice how people are looking at you when you cry and will also notice the context in which they are looking at you.

Most people are involved in a very busy lives. So if you are crying in a public place, other people will notice.

However, if you happen to be singing, others will not notice it.

Adrenaline/blood flow:

Often, when you are on the verge of tears and let yourself feel it, the entire body goes into an alarm state, which releases adrenaline and blood flow to the brain and different areas of the body including heart.

This adrenal response will increase oxygen flow to the brain and the tear glands. This results in increased blood flow, which eventually dries your tears and becomes a blur.

The sudden excitement will make you cry. It happens unconsciously, without you even noticing it.


A fragrance or any odor may be associated with your mood. If you tend to get emotional during winter and know that you are about to cry, wearing a perfume or any other fragrance that contains a tear-inducer is a quick way to calm you down.

It will take your mind away from the crying itself and focus on the pleasant and soothing aroma that has been released.

Some people are more prone to crying than others. Some have already been exposed to negative and traumatic emotions and often succumb to an emotional outburst.

On the other hand, some cry because of their sensitivity, high emotional expression, extreme fear or anger or sad and cheerful films.

You should definitely try to bring in order these triggers, reduce the negative ones and harness the positive ones so that you can manage these moments in a much better way.


In despair, but not lost. I try to remind myself, trials may come yet hope lies at dawn

Your loved ones distance themselves. If your spouse is constantly in a bad mood, this will invariably make you feel angry, upset and frustrated.

It is not that your spouse has always behaved like this. But the circumstances in which you are living will always have a direct effect on you.

If you feel angry, then it is only natural that you will get hurt and feel estranged.


If your spouse or family member dies, you will feel like your world has ended.

This is why people tend to say, “it’s better to be born dead than live with a dead person.”

Your life will be a complete mess without your spouse in it.

This feeling will cause huge stress in your life.


People who say that if you want to get close to them, you should be sweeter to them are wrong.

If you want to keep your relationship intact, you need to be harsh with your spouse, no matter how difficult it is.

That’s the only way to make sure that your spouse comes back.

As hard as this may sound, if you feel extremely angry or upset with your spouse, then it is advisable to take things up with them face-to-face, rather than remaining passive and letting them walk all over you.

You can say things that you never imagined yourself saying. And don’t hold back.


People who stay away from their loved ones and give up on their relationship for no good reason are call-ous.

They make their own lives miserable, do things that will make them feel like a miserable person and then go to bed crying in the night.

They may even call you and threaten you that they will take the kids and leave, but they never actually do it.


Shot made while filming for yesHEis project

People who are sad cry a lot. Sad people lose their patience very easily.

So when they get angry, they tend to say things that will hurt you.

When you get upset with your husband, for example, or you get angry at your brother or sister, you lose control and the thought of ending your marriage comes up in your mind.

And then it is very difficult to control your tears.


Women who get embarrassed a lot cry a lot. When they fail to find their way in the kitchen, they cry.

When you have to stay away from their relatives for a couple of days, they cry.

If their friend in the office asks them a very personal question, they cry. If their friend’s daughter gets married and has a baby, they cry.

Surprisingly, men are more sensitive to these triggers than women.

If a woman is emotional, it is usually because her emotions have been triggered.

But if a man is sad, it is because of an emotional trigger.


The reason behind the sadness and anger and frustration among people who are sick or their family members is that they don’t have control over their body.

They don’t have any power over what they are feeling. All they can do is cry or complain, or try to escape their situations.

This is why people often use the term, “if you are down, then I am down.”

It means that all you can do is cry or complain, and that you are incapable of doing anything else.


People who are disinterested in their partners’ activities will make their partners feel like they are not interested in their lives.

If your partner doesn’t make time for you or don’t care about your hobbies, then your feelings will come out.

It is not that you don’t want to spend time with him or her.

It is just that you don’t have a great deal of interest in their hobbies.

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