Why Does The Musical Alphabet Start With C?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

The musical alphabet is an interesting concept that teaches children how to read music by starting with the letter c. What this means is that when they are learning about notes, scales, or any other fundamentals of music theory, you start with the note that goes “c” (the tonic) and work your way up from there!

Many people may not know what the word ‘tonal’ means, so let us define it for you. A tonal language has a specific order to them which makes perfect sense. For instance, in English we have a verb-noun pair like run/running, action-object pairs like ball/ball-throw, and nouns such as boat and ship.

Tone is similar to these structures; there is a familiar beginning, middle, and end tone sequence. This applies particularly well to music because each note has a name!

The first note of a song is its tonic, or main pitch. Then, the second note becomes the mediant, and so on until the final note, where the chord closes. We will go into more detail about chords later!

This article will discuss why starting songs with the tonic is a great idea, and some applications of this lesson.

Popular alphabet songs include “ABC” by Ariana Grande

why does the musical alphabet start with c

The most well-known musical alphabet song starts with the letter c! Many children know this song because it is used in teaching toddlers how to read, but it is not limited to that use.

The first line of the song goes like this: ‘Ca babbiee camahue, ca buenos días’ which means ‘Hello, good morning’. This makes sense as the next word is ‘morning’!

Many people also recognize the second part of the song; the one starting with the letter B sounds something like ‘baba rumpe’ which means frog leap or hop. This is an analogy for the word BEAR (B).

Another part of the song that many know is the repeated phrase ‘ca canzioni’ which translates to mean ‘song’. This is applied to the last syllable of the word MONEY (M) — money song!


Why does the English language start with the sound /s/?

It seems pretty obvious why the sound /s/ would be important since it is mostly used for making other sounds.

But what about the rest of the letters? They are all made from the same root phoneme so they work together to make other sounds as well! It just takes practice.

C is the first letter of the word “classical”

why does the musical alphabet start with c

The term classical music typically refers to music that was written or performed during the European Renaissance, Baroque era, and beyond. Classical music includes pieces from every genre, such as symphonies, operas, instrumental rhapsodies, and solo piano compositions.

The term classical music was coined in the 18th century when composer Georg Fridrich Handel organized his annual London Music Day event using just those three words! He wanted to emphasize the importance of music for education, self-cultivation, and enjoyment.

Since then, the word has stuck and grown in popularity. Many people now refer to all types of music as being classical, but this isn’t quite correct.

Some people may use the terms broadly, including anything with lyrics and/or an emphasis on melody that comes from a particular style or school. This could include songs like the ones you hear at Disney theme parks! (They are called soundtrack songs because they play while nothing else is happening.)

However, unless these songs contain very long melodies or rhythms that match the tempo of the scene, their lyrical content often distracts from the rest of the experience. These kinds of songs are great for coming back to later though, since they sometimes stick in your head.

There are many genres that do not have a clear focus on either rhyme or rhythm, so it is easier to identify a strong sense of classically trained melody.

Some people associate C with sophistication

why does the musical alphabet start with c


Nickelodeon is a children’s channel

why does the musical alphabet start with c

Starting with the letter ‘c’ means everything is made for kids. All of Nickelodeon is designed to appeal to kids, which makes it very kid-friendly. Even some of the show titles contain little references or clues about music that are clearly meant to be listened to!

Many people make assumptions about what kind of content kids should see. Parents feel like if their child watches an episode of something containing alcohol, water, meat, or cigarettes, then they have given them permission to watch other things that may not be as wholesome. This could go both ways – you can find almost anything on YouTube these days, so there is no need to limit what your kids view is based on what level of decency exists in the media surrounding them.

The channel also does not feature any cartoons that contain strong violence or gore. Many parents worry that this will influence their young children when such scenes are shown, but most songs seem appropriate for all ages.

Some of the shows based on the alphabet song include “PJ Masks”

In an episode of Nickelodeon show PJ Masks, there is an extended sequence where all of the characters sing an adapted version of the alphabet song. The lyrics themselves are slightly altered to fit the context of the scene.

The lyrics in this adaptation start with the letter C as opposed to A at the beginning of the original song. This changes the meaning of the song completely because it implies that whoever writes songs should not begin them with the first sound!

This clearly does not apply to people who write songs or music, so why make such a claim? Starting your song with the most important part can help emphasize the importance of that element within the song. If someone was writing a song about how much they loved you, they would use the word you in their lyrics.

By starting your song with the word love, it may subconsciously influence the audience to feel more affection for the person being described in the song.

“PJ Masks” is a Nickelodeon series

why does the musical alphabet start with c

For many people, learning the musical alphabet starts with the letter c. The next letters are usually g, a, or o. But why not begin with something more unique? This may sound crazy but there is actually a reason that some music theory books start with the letter c!

It all has to do with an animated show called PJ Masks. If you have never seen this show before then you are probably thinking what we are about to tell you makes no sense. So let us explain!

The show follows three kids in their middle school year as they try to save their neighborhood street from being shut down due to construction projects. Along the way, they meet other characters such as Uncle Zoltan and his dragon puppet.

Their main adversary is the mayor who wants to demolish the street so he can build a shopping mall. One of his arguments for shutting down the street is that it will attract rats which would be bad for business at the nearby restaurant.

However, the boys discover that the street is protected by a powerful magical force known as the Red Curse. To make a long story short, if someone listens to a song written using any note except c during a specified time frame, the curse will activate and doom them to death.

Now that we have told you all about the premise of the show, write a sentence based on these bullets.

Why does the musical alphabet start with c? Because songs contain notes within them.

“PJ Masks” is a spin-off of the movie “Shrek”

why does the musical alphabet start with c

In the new Netflix original series, “PJ Masks,” there are eight different characters with distinct personalities and backstories. All of these characters belong to one thing though—the alphabet!

Each character starts their sentence with an individual letter of the alphabet. This shows how each person in the show is connected through writing. The writers used this as a way to connect all of the characters together and create some epic storytelling moments.

The show follows four college students who work at a fictional book store called PJ Books and Stationery. Each student has their own responsibility at the store, but they also have separate lives outside the workplace.

When everything comes together, it is very entertaining to watch. The show mixes humor, drama, and heartwarming stories that will appeal to most audiences.

“PJ Masks” is a parody of “Sesame Street”

why does the musical alphabet start with c

In one scene, Elmo teaches young children how to read by introducing the alphabet with the word ‘C!’

He then proceeds to teach them the first letter of the alphabet which is clearly seen as a cat face.

This prompts a little boy to ask why the first letter is not an elephant like it is for the other letters in the alphabet.

Elmo explains that some people feel cats are better than elephants and so they decided to start there. The child seems confused at this but accepts the explanation.

After teaching his lesson, Elmo takes off his mask and reveals himself to be bald with big ears just like every other Sesame character. He also does not speak or make any noises either- he is completely mute. This makes many kids laugh since the whole point was that you cannot tell what kind of person someone really is unless you look beyond their appearance.


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