Worst Female Singers of All Time

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Practically every pop diva who is currently popular today needs some help from the studio. But some are much worse than others.

Although we didn’t want to dogpile on just those who are famous today, we wanted our citicism to extend to the worst female singers OF ALL TIME.

We will say from the get-go that this article is for fun. We are not trying to tear anyone down completely. We all know the hardwork and effort that is required (even if you really can’t sing for sh**).

So strap in and take a journey with us through time and witness some of the monstrosities that have got a lot of attention over the years.

Yoko Ono

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I’ll admit, it’s pretty tough to follow the tremendous voices of Paul Mccartney or even your late spouse, Mr. John Lennon, but unfortunately, that is what she’s up against.

Shortly after the Beatles fell apart Yoko was releasing albums (with John and without) and listening to her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Just going back to those 70s and 80s albums makes one marvel at how she remained popular.

She was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez sings like a fart caught in a mitten.

Anyone that needs to utilize tons of “auto-tune” just to sound remotely passable remains in my book is not a vocalist, therefore totally worthy of being put on the list of worst female singers of all time.

Rebecca Black

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Oh my goodness. The song “Friday” was a world-wide abomination. I remember that song torturing me on the radio every couple of hours and I could not stand it.

To her credit, the producer confesses that he did not actually alter her voice that much—yeah, we can tell.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is entirely unbearable in every conceivable method. Are her 15 minutes ever going to be up?!

I will admit she’s got some pretty good songs but her voice is just so boring. There is nothing to her voice at all.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is the most significant let down since she could sing, but now she can’t.

Her singing on the nauseating “Nobody” and “This Girl’s on Fire” makes me desire to push my granny down the stairs.

You could spin Helen Keller with a bow and arrow around multiple times and there’s a much better opportunity of her hitting a target’s bulls-eye than of Midler ever hitting a note on pitch.

Stevie Nicks

I will admit, I’m a huge Fleetwood mac fan, so it pains us to put her on this list.

The smart Trick of Top 10 Worst Singers – Vocal That Nobody is Talking About

When I saw Stevie Nicks on American Scary Story, I was actually surprised by how off she sounded.

I like her voice from earlier time periods (e.g., Rumors etc.)  however she must have hung it up about 15 years earlier.

I heard Stevie Nicks sing “Quiet Night” last Christmas season, and I needed to leave the room.

Britney Spears

Britney might sing well up until about 2001 (see Mickey Mouse Club vids). However, making fun of her at this point seems a little hitting below the belt since it seems she’s got far worse problems in her life.

However she does have some good production and nice songs, but a ‘great singer’ I don’t think we can call her.

Nicky MinajThe Top Ten Worst Female Singers – Watchmojo PDFs

The Female Singers: From Worst To Greatest Vocalists / Des … Ideas

Minaj may go down in history as one of the worst female vocalists. Just awful.

She didn’t get in the biz based on skill that’s for sure. She must have got in because she’s got a big chest and big behind. Her videos are disturbing and horrible, her voice is vehicle tuned, and even then it sounds horrible.

She TAKES PLEASURE IN being treated like a sex toy, and really wants to be a sex toy. She also offers women a terrible name. In every video, she is invariably half-naked or prepared to make love. I want to see her wear normal clothes for goodness sake! You don’t need .

Her facial expressions are also creepy as hell, and her lyrics are meaningless and silly.

She has no regard for her body and believes she’s all that.

I do not get why is she evaluating American idol when she can’t sing? She’s all style and phony looks. That must be what got her there. She is also ruining women’s track record and music.

Let’s give it up for those who can sing

Aguilera, Beyonce and Rihanna can sing, sorry but they can. Good job girls.

Rihanna has gotten some grief since she is is lumped in with the non-vocalists, but she actually learned to sing.

Miley Cyrus can sing too. She can also act and write a song, which is half the battle as a vocalist.

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