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Finding new songs is one of the greatest pleasures in music listening. It’s why people go to concerts, and it’s what music blogs are built upon! However, there is an overwhelming amount of musical information out there that can be difficult to prioritize and evaluate.

That’s where we come in! Here at The List, our goal every day is to provide you with all the info you need to know about your favorite artists and groups by creating a list of their top 10 or 15 songs for each artist. We then compile those lists into one easy-to-navigate article that will help you get through all of the songs more quickly.

Here at The List, we want to make sure to include as many great songs as possible, so sometimes we have to leave off some information or even whole sections because they feel less important than others. That’s totally cool, but also makes making this resource better for other users! If you run across any missing pieces, let us know and we’ll add them in!

We’re still working on adding song annotations such as lyrics and notes, but hopefully you’ll use this information to do that yourself and update accordingly.

2) “Bad Boy” by Diddy

x rock songs

As we continue to make our way through The Best of XXL, one song that comes up quite frequently is Diddy’s Bad Boy. Not only does it rank as one of his most well-known songs, but it also holds an important place in hip hop history.

The lyrics for this track describe someone who has done bad things before, but now they are trying to do right. They want to be a good person, so they try to avoid doing wrong actions again. This would indicate that the song is about someone struggling with their past mistakes and wanting to fix themselves.

However, this will not work if there is no change in how they behave towards others. It may take some time, but eventually you will see changes in what kind of people they hang around and what they put into their body. These changes will show that they have improved!

Overall, this song is very motivational. Even though it is about someone who has made poor decisions before, he or she still wants to improve. People who listen to this music should look at them as inspiration because they want to know why he or she wanted to become better.

If anyone knows any tips on how to stay healthy, let us know! We would love to talk more about it.

3) “Worth It” by Nicki Minaj

x rock songs

With her latest single, Nicki takes aim at those who criticize you for doing something that makes you happy. In this case, it’s criticizing you for wanting to enjoy your life by listening to music or going out with friends.

The song is called “Worthy (of my love),” which clearly suggests what she will do if someone tries to tell her that she isn’t worthy of happiness.

She describes how she would take their love very seriously before returning them their empty gesture with an even bigger one of her own.

Her new love will be worth it because they proved through action that they are willing to put in work to show how much they care about her.

4) “Bad Boy Billionaire” by Kanye West

x rock songs

One of my favorite rock songs is definitely “Bad Boy Billionaire” by Kanye West. Not only is this song catchy, it also makes an interesting metaphor for the relationship between society and capitalism.

The lyrics talk about how we as people become capitalists due to external forces- most notably media and marketing. The media teaches us that spending money is good so we start buying things and investing in products and services.

Then there are marketers who use propaganda to convince us to spend our hard earned money on more expensive goods. It is then natural for some individuals to pursue wealth through material acquisitions.

This mindset is what initially sets off the capitalist impulse in many people. But once you have enough money, the next thing you do is invest it in more stable assets like real estate or stocks. You feel confident knowing that your investment will not waste away because you will get your return at a later date.

That stability is why most people choose to be wealthy rather than just having a lot of money. So although initial inspiration to purchase a boat comes from internal desires to enjoy water and boats, it eventually becomes clear that the boat is just a tool to prove that you are a successful investor.

It is the vehicle through which your success is displayed to others. And since social proof is one of the main drivers of faith, being able to show other people that you have succeeded gives you confidence to believe that you can succeed too.

5) “Diamonds” by Rihanna

x rock songs

Many people consider this song to be over-rated, but I personally love it! It is very catchy with Rhianna singing about how she wants a lot of diamonds (for her lover). The lyrics also mention cars and sex which makes it appropriate for some listening.

The music video features lots of flashy dancing and scenes that show off RiRi’s beautiful body. She looks amazing in every shot! The final scene has her lying down surrounded by all sorts of glittery decorations while he comes close and kisses her passionately.

This track was written and recorded before most people knew who Rihanna was as an artist so it feels authentic. People seem to like it because it does not sound like other songs from that era of music.

6) “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars

x rock songs

While not as popular or well-known as some of his other songs, ‘Uptown Funk’ is an incredibly powerful song that talks about how to motivate yourself and keep motivated in life. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has made a good choice before and now he must face the consequences of his decision.

The person involved makes a bad choice and then they struggle for a little while until they realize their mistake and what it cost them. At this stage, they make a change and do something different instead.

This new choice helps them feel better and gives them motivation to pursue the thing they wanted earlier. They choose to put more effort into achieving their goal because they know it will help them feel happier.

By changing your actions, you can give yourself a small push towards your dreams or maybe even a bigger one depending on how hard you are willing to work for them. Having a second chance at success can be just as important as success itself.

7) “Think You Can Afford Me?” by Pink

x rock songs

With her fourth album, 2007’s The Truth About Love, Pink made what many consider to be her definitive statement as an artist. On this track, she directly addresses those who think they have you or your life under control- something that can sometimes feel like it’s not even worth trying to achieve happiness because you don’t see the signs of progress in their lives.

In the song, she asks if anyone really thinks they can afford to make someone else happy, and if so, then why would they put in any effort at all? She reminds them that we’re all connected and there will always be someone more deserving than you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be happy for yourself.

Her final plea is to never give up, no matter how hard it may seem. If you want to help others find inner peace, then keep yourself calm and know that you’ve got nothing to prove to anybody. Your success won’t depend on whether other people are content, it will be due to your own personal happiness.

8) “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” by Frank Sinatra

x rock songs

This classic is all about showing off your wealth to other people. It is also very catchy, which makes it perfect for listening in while you are working or studying. The lyrics tell us that diamonds are the best friend a girl can have, and that they will always be there for you.

The song was written for his girlfriend at the time, who was not quite as enthusiastic about the idea of spending money on expensive jewelry. He still loved her, though, so he decided to go ahead with the proposal anyway.

He got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him, then sang this beautiful ballad as proof of his love.

9) “Champagne” by Nicki Minaj

x rock songs

In this song, Nicki raps about how she wants to celebrate with you after your big win, but then she needs some time to prepare before they invite you into their party. She also mentions that she has a little bit more champagne than he does!

This is one of her most well-known songs due to its catchy melody and lyrics. Many people have listened to it several times because of that factor alone!

She uses the word champ in the song which helps set the tone for the song. The chorus features her saying over and over again, “I want to be invited into your party, so let me know when I can come.”

These lines emphasize the importance of having a good reason as to why you should get invited to someone’s party, otherwise you will not get the chance. If you do not feel ready to attend another person’s event, then don’t go unless you are sure that you will enjoy it, and yourself enough to stay until the end.

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