Xylophone Rock Songs

Posted by Mike Schumacher

A xylophone is a percussion instrument that produces sounds when metal bars are struck or pressed down onto it. It is typically made of plastic or wood, has sets of five to ten bar sizes, and can be connected together in various ways to make different sound patterns.

Xylophones have become one of the most popular types of music instruments for kids due to their variety of styles you can create with them! There are many apps and websites that let users design, print, and even order your own xylophone rock songs.

These sites offer very clear instructions on how to use the tool to create yours! While not always cost-effective, these tools are great sources of income for the creators of the app/site.

There are several well-known musicians and artists who designed some of their own xylophones and then shared those designs online. Some of these include: The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, Kylie Jenner, Beyoncé, and many more!

Overall, this article will talk about some cool xylophone apps, what people used them for, and some tips for creating your own.

Abraca Zulu

xylophone rock songs

Another famous xylophone rock song is “Abraca Zulu”, written by Tom Smith and performed by The Pretenders. It was first released in 1980 as the lead single from their album Your Mutha!-The Motherlode. It features an extended xylophone solo that has been covered by many artists including Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Bazzi, André 3000, Meghan Trainor, and more.

Xylophones are percussion instruments made of wooden bars attached to a frame with metal clackers or hammers that can be struck to produce sounds. Like most other percussive instruments, the xylophone uses notes for different pitches depending on how hard you hit it.

Music theory defines major, minor, and perfect intervals as being at one, two, and three octaves away respectively, but musicians often use slightly different definitions such as dividing up the octave into twelve equal parts instead. This article will stick to the standard music theory definitions however, so bear that in mind.

Hey You

As mentioned earlier, xylophones are one of the most common instruments in music. They make use of wooden bars that can be pressed down to create notes or struck with a mallet to produce sounds.

Many musicians start off playing the xylophone as kid toys before moving onto bigger ones. An easy way to learn how to play is to pick up some beginner guitar chords and then add an octave bar along with your index finger! By adding this third element, you’re creating an eighth note which makes a nice rhythm for many songs.

I will not go into much detail about what types of songs use an instrument like this, but I would suggest looking up some tracks on YouTube and listening! Many people have made their own versions of it so there are plenty of examples.

I’m Gonna Love You

xylophone rock songs

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite xylophones songs! This song is called I’ll Never Leave You (And That’s A Fact) by British band The Killers. If you have never heard this song or The Killers, then you are missing out.

The music video for this song features some very cool dance moves that include lots of jumping up and down, dancing around while holding onto both ends of an xylophone, and even playing with balloons. All these things add to the fun of this song!

Not only does this song feature an excellent melody, it also has strong lyrics that emphasize love and devotion. These lyrics include lines such as “I will always remember how we made those promises, And now here we stand looking into each other’s eyes” and “You’re like a flame, burning bright”.

This song truly epitomizes what an incredible tool an instrument like the xylophone can be when used properly. Not only is it entertaining to play, but it also teaches students about rhythm and structure.

I’m Yours

xylophone rock songs

This song is about someone who feels overwhelmed with love for another person, but they can’t seem to reach them. They feel like even when they do things, such as giving their loved one gifts or going out of their way for them, it never seems enough.

The lyrics also mention how this feeling is very uncomfortable because you want to be needed by your loved one, but they keep putting yourself in difficult positions by wanting more than that.

So at times, instead of asking if your loved one wants anything specific, ask if there’s anything you can do for them – maybe organize their favorite foods or wash all of their clothes. If they tell you “I don’t need anything,” then ask whether there’s something you can do outside their apartment or somewhere they work where they spend a lot of time.

This will hopefully draw some attention to them and make their day a little better.

Love Me Do

xylophone rock songs

The first song on this list is not only one of the best-known songs for piano, it’s also one of the most recognizable xylophone tracks in all of music! Plus, it’s got some great lyrics that talk about love. “Love me do, I want you to love me too” — what more could you ask for?

The xylophone used in this track is called an octave bender because of its unique sound when struck. An octave bender can be made out of just wood or metal, but most are a combination of both materials so they resonate together. This gives it their well known distinctive tone.

This xylo was probably crafted from pine which is very common these days due to its low cost and ease of availability. If you’re ever looking to make your own, try your hand at creating yours! You will need a source for either bass notes (using a lower note) or treble notes (higher), and then once those are found, you can easily create your device by adding a second piece with the opposite tone as your anchor.

One Step Ahead

xylophone rock songs

Another great xylophone rock song is one that features an unexpected bass line! What makes this work so well is how strong the rhythm of the bass line becomes in the second half of the verse.

In the first half, it sounds like there are no notes being hit at all, which creates a very peaceful feeling befitting the lyrics “I’m sitting here with you”.

Then, as the chorus comes around, the bass drops down one note, creating a short break before coming back up to rest for the next repeat of the pattern. This gives the music more emphasis and momentum towards the climax of the song.

This effect can be heard clearly throughout the entire song, making it stand out among other songs with similar chords and rhythms.

She’s a Lady

xylophone rock songs

Another classic xylophone rock song is definitely shesis by The Beatles! What makes this song unique, however, is that it is not only about romantic love, but also about friendship.

The lyrics tell the story of two friends who meet at a party and become close over their shared passion for music. They begin to argue about which songs are better, before realizing they like the same band. So then they make a bet to see what time The Band can play a song correctly in order to win the contest.

If you listened carefully to the song, you would realize that the word lady refers to both the friend and the musician themselves. This does not take away from the true meaning of the song, but instead adds an interesting layer to it.

The word lady can be interpreted as referring to anyone that the listener respects and admires, including musicians and their talent. Therefore, the rest of the song no longer makes sense because there is nothing related to the song anymore.

This creates some fun symbolism and metaphors. For example, when the song transitions into the second part, the lyrics refer to how The Band keeps asking if the audience wants to continue listening to their new album, but nobody seems interested. It is similar to when your friend asks you to hang out after making a stupid argument. You might want to just stay home and watch Netflix instead.

The Thrill Is Gone

xylophone rock songs

There are so many songs with xylophones in them, it is hard to know where to start! Luckily for you, we have done the work for you by compiling a list of every song that features this instrument. Some include it as an easy to find feature, while others make use of it more sparingly or not at all.

But what makes these songs special is their ability to add depth to the music they accompany. Whether it be through its rhythm pattern, bass line, or main chord progression, the xylo part adds flavor and variety to the tune.

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