Z Musical Instruments

Posted by Mike Schumacher

For those who love music, it is impossible to ignore how popular musical instruments have become. From guitarists all over the world praising their effects and uses for their sound, to people creating new styles or genres that are characterized by their use of specific instruments, the need for them has never been higher.

But while most musicians know what an accordion is, very few are familiar with the violin family. This article will take you through the basics of the violin, bow, and fingering strategies needed to play your first piece on either a viola or cello!

If you’re already somewhat comfortable playing the violin, then moving onto the cello is quite simple- just add another set of strings one half step lower! Both the cello and the double bass are in the same violin class, so once you get the hang of one you can easily learn the other!

Disclaimer: While this article will talk about some basic concepts, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to perform at a professional level. Even top professionals require years of practice to achieve such levels.

Top Hat

z musical instruments

The top hat is one of the most recognizable styles in fashion today. It was first popularized by French nobleman Charles Frederick Clément, who wore them with flair during the Napoleonic Era. Since then, it has been adapted for many different uses and functions.

The top hat style that we recognize as “classic” now comes from an adaptation of the early Napoleon era top hats. At that time, only very wealthy people could afford to wear such impressive headgear, but Emperor Napoleon loved wearing one so much that other rich men copied it.

These new top hats were made slightly lower at the front, creating an effect similar to that of a soft bow. This modified version soon replaced the older, more elaborate versions because it was much less expensive!

The top hat quickly became popular outside of Europe as well, and still remains in use today. Many famous musicians have worn top hats inspired by the classic design. Some even designed their own unique top hattes!

Music artists like Pink, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran all include some sort of top hat in their wardrobe. They each put their individual spin on the shape and style of theirs, but they are all easily identified due to the flat circle atop the crown.

That top circle is called the brim or topper, and most are either hand sewn or glued onto the base material.

Drum Kit

z musical instruments

A drum kit is one of the most important pieces to any musician’s collection. As we can probably guess, it contains a bass drum, a snare drum, a hi-hat, and cymbals. These are all used for rhythm!

The bass drum is usually about three feet long and two inches in diameter. It has a membrane that is struck with your foot or hand to make sound. The size of this piece really depends on what kind of music you want to play.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to play hip hop then a smaller sized bass drum would be needed. An easy way to tell the difference between the sizes is the height; the larger the length the bigger the bass, the shorter the bass drum, the more hip hop you will play!

The snare drum is similar to an acoustic guitar string by nature. It has several strings that vibrate when hit very hard which produces a loud tone. Because it is so powerful, only a few parts of the instrument need to be made from solid metal to work properly.

A small head that fits onto the rim of the drum is also needed to produce the correct tone. This device is called a batter stick and is normally wood or plastic. The hitter uses their hands or a tool like a spoon to tap the stick, creating the vibration.

The kick pedal is another essential part of a drum set.

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