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Hip hop is an art form that has seen many changes. One of the biggest shifts was towards music videos as a tool to promote songs and artists. Before music videos, most popular hip hop songs were just lyrics with some occasional dancing or rapping in front of a camera.

Now we have artist after artist creating their own music video style and incorporating them into their career! Some even making it a staple part of their repertoire.

Many people credit hip hop legends such as The Run DMC for introducing the concept of having a music video. Since then, other rappers have picked up on this idea and made their own versions. Some are very good while others are not so great but all have something different about them.

Some stay within the realm of being entertaining while others strive to add depth to the song and/or the artist’s story. A few even take their craft seriously enough to produce quality content every time. This article will talk more about my favorite rapper’s music videos and why they stand out.

I will also include some tips and tricks I learned from creating my own music video style for my own channel! So let’s get started shall we?

Z-Ro – What Goes Up Must Come Down (Music Video)

Length: Outro 1:42

Director: Unknown

Writer: Unknown

Production Company: Unknown

This is one of the best music video styles I have ever seen.

Z-Ro breaks down barriers

z-ro music videos

As we can see, he doesn’t seem to care much about what genre his music is. He makes songs that are mostly lyrics with very little instrumentation or noise in between.

He seems to have no concept of time either as some tracks go for longer than three minutes and some less than 30 seconds.

His style isn’t one that sticks out easily but it does stand out from the rest. His voice has been described as grating, scratchy, raspy, gravelly, guttural, growling, and so forth. All these descriptors fit him well!

Not only does he not stick to genres, but he also doesn’t seem to like too many styles of music. Most of his music is rap which could be considered more of an extended genre.

Z-Ro was known to sometimes sample other artists work without proper permission before suing them for copyright infringement. This led to a lot of controversy surrounding his music and career.

Z-Ro goes to the bar

As we all know, rapper Zoé (Zoë Kravitz) is quite famous for her flirty style and constant song lyrics about chasing dreams. She seems to emphasize having lots of fun in your life and being confident in yourself and what you have done thus far in life.

Her music videos are another way to see this! They feature her partying with friends or meeting new people in different settings such as bars or restaurants.

She also does not seem to shy away from showing some skin either. You get the chance to watch her pull up her shirt, unbutton her dress, or expose more leg when she dances or flips the camera around.

All these together create an inspiring message that anyone can follow and learn from. It’s never too late to start living your dream and having fun, even if you don’t feel like it at first.

Take time out to do things you want to be part of, whether it’s going out or staying in and watching TV. Don’t worry about how other people might perceive you – only you can make you happy, so spend time doing things that make you happy.

Z-Ro goes to the liquor store

z-ro music videos

As we all know, rapper Z-Ro has never been one to play by other people’s rules. He often times does not care for what others have to say about him or his music, which is why he makes music that most people don’t like.

But sometimes his songs do get some positive feedback! And even though it’s hard to tell whether or not he actually listens to those lyrics, there are still many ways you can enjoy his music without listening to any of his featured artists’ tracks.

There are several different types of music videos that feature rap songs. Some are just short clips, while others can be longer than one minute long! None of these type songs are necessarily bad, but if you want to hear more of Z-Ro’s music then this article will help you out.

This article will talk about five different music video types that include z-ro rap song drops, freestyle raps, backstage stories, movie trailers, and grocery shopping vlogs.

Z-Ro buys food

z-ro music videos

As we all know, rap artists need to put in some effort into promoting themselves. They spend hours filming music videos, creating logos and brands for their products, hosting events, and writing blogs and articles to gain attention.

It is very expensive to be an artist! All of these costs are used to fuel your artistic expression and promote your career as a musician.

Z-Ro is a popular rapper who doesn’t seem to care much about this. He spends his money eating fast food instead of investing in his art.

He once went so far as to film a video while he was eating chicken nuggets and fries. In the song, he called himself “chicken wing hustler” which got our mouths watering just thinking about it.

If Z-Ro wants to keep buying junk food and failing to promote his own talent, at least do it with style. Pick up some snacks or grab something more formal like pizza or Chinese takeout.

Buy foods that show how wealthy you are. A better option would be to only eat healthy foods, but that takes work and time to prepare. You should not devote time to things that cost no energy if you can’t afford to invest in yourself.

Z-Ro performs

z-ro music videos

As we all know, rapper Z-Ro has never been one to shy away from having some fun with his music videos. He loves creating eye catching scenes that are also entertaining to watch. His style is very flashy, which fits his musical genre well.

His latest music video is for his song “Niggas Talk Too Much.” It features him going up against other rappers in an eating contest! The setting looks like it could be anywhere between New York City or Los Angeles as there are no clearly defined locations.

It is hard to tell who is more hungry at this point due to how much they have consumed. This creates an interesting battle of wills throughout the whole video.

Z-Ro dances

z-ro music videos

As we all know, rapper/producer Zeke “Z-Ro” Jackson is not one to shy away from some rapping or dancing. He loves to talk about his dance moves so much that he even made an entire music video out of it!

In his latest song, “Dance For The Money,” he takes off his shirt as he dances around the room for the song. His dancers come in and join him while he shakes what his mama gave him and flaunts his many tattoos.

His dance style has also been described as being like those of Michael Jackson and Prince. Many people have referred to his dancing as mesmerizing and infectious.

He definitely knows how to get fans going with his dancing skills.

Z-Ro raps

z-ro music videos

As we mentioned earlier, YG is known for his lyrics that often contain vulgar language and themes such as drugs, women, and violence. But there’s one rapper he looks up to who doesn’t say very much of anything at all!

Z-Ro has been described by some people as being inaudible due to how little content he puts into his songs. This isn’t quite true though because although his music may be mostly silence, you can still make out what he’s saying thanks to his incredible rhyming style.

He rhymes almost exclusively with himself and uses a lot of triplets which makes it hard to tune out. His flow is pretty hypnotic and infectious too so if you want to listen to something fun, watch him run through a few rounds on YouTube.

His internal monologue song titled “Bitch I’m On Fire” was made popular back in 2012 and has received over 2 million views alone. If you like rap or just listening to things that break down slowly, try exploring this artist.

Z-Ro songs about his hometown

z-ro music videos

Hip hop is a genre that has many artists with different styles and approaches to lyrics and music. Some use their style as a vehicle for telling stories, while others just rhyme really well! Others may have very catchy tunes or voice clips. There are even some rappers who blend all three into one. Z-Ro is in this last category where he rhymes extremely well and has a catchy tune most of the time!

Z-Ro was born Christopher Columbus Jones in Houston, Texas on May 18, 1974. He started rapping at an early age and took hip hop more seriously than most people his age. At the height of his career, he had over 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube!

He grew up around lots of musicians and learned how to play guitar and drums when he was young. As he got older he wanted to find a way to combine his love of music with making money so he decided to try recording his own songs!

In 2012 he released his first album which featured several tracks about his childhood in Houston including one titled “My City”. Since then he has continued to write and record new songs about everything from politics to food! His songwriting process usually starts with a topic that seems interesting to him and then he adds music and lyrics to make it sound good.

His music videos are also quite popular and have gathered a large fan base.

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