Ray Chen to Giveaway 100 Kennedy Violins in Practice Challenge on Tonic App

Renowned violinist Ray Chen has announced an extraordinary giveaway of 100 violins from Kennedy Violins, a leading supplier of student and professional string instruments. This news broke following a captivating and entertaining video of an event at the Colburn School, where Chen challenged students to a unique competition—participants attempted to outplay the virtuoso on specially […]

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Why Are Drummers So Hard to Find?

The Mysterious Disappearance of Drummers Ever wondered why finding a drummer for your band feels like embarking on a quest for the Holy Grail? It’s not just your bad luck; there’s a global conspiracy to hide all drummers! Just kidding. But seriously, let’s dive into why these rhythm maestros seem as elusive as a decent […]

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Kennedy Violins Partners with The Harmony Program

New York, NY – Kennedy Violins, a revered name in the music industry, has announced a generousdonation of 50 instruments and the facilitation of another 495 instruments to support The HarmonyProgram in New York. This strategic partnership aims to significantly bolster music education andenrich the lives of children in the city’s most underserved neighborhoods. The […]

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Striking a Harmonious Chord: How Sanjeeta Khullar is Shaping the Future of the Music Industry

In a world where talent abounds but true influencers are few and far between, Sanjeeta Khullar’s story stands out as a testament to grit, relentless passion, and an unerring sense of purpose. With a psychology degree in her pocket and a heart full of dreams, Sanjeeta set out to traverse the winding roads of the […]

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How Kennedy Violins is Helping Students Get Quality Violins

In the enchanting realm of music, the sound of the violin evokes profound emotions, from intense passion to soulful nostalgia. The quality of a violin, coupled with the dedication of its player, can make or break a musical performance.  While many beginners often struggle to find a good violin that doesn’t break the bank, Kennedy […]

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David Timothy: A Showstopper Shaping the Music Industry with His Melodic Prowess

In the music industry, where innovation and creativity are paramount, the emergence of fresh talent becomes a cause for celebration. Amidst this dynamic landscape, David Timothy, a West African vocalist and producer, has been making waves with his captivating melodies and infectious beats. With a career on the rise, David Timothy has demonstrated his expertise […]

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