How To Play Rhythm And Lead Guitar At The Same Time

When playing guitar, there are two main instruments you can play; lead or rhythm guitar. The term “lead” is usually associated with one chord that you play for a while before moving onto another chord. This type of song writing is very common in music today! The other instrument, which some refer to as the […]

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How To Make Bass Sound Like Rhythm Guitar

When bass playing, what kind of sound you want to get depends mostly on the genre of music that you are trying to emulate or achieve. If your song is very rhythm-focused, then it may not matter as much which style of bass tone you use, as long as you can play some solid riffs. […]

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How To Improve My Rhythm Guitar Playing

A lot of people start playing guitar at a young age, usually learning how to play some popular songs. While that’s definitely a great way to begin, it is not necessarily the best way to learn how to play rhythm guitar! You see, most music starts with an acoustic bass note (usually either a major […]

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How To Play Motown Rhythm Guitar

Motown music is one of the most recognizable musical genres in America, with songs such as “My Girl”, “Like A Test Drive Line-Up”, and “Can I Get Some Help Here?” defining the genre. Many people learn how to play rhythm guitar by learning some chords and playing along with popular songs that feature rhythmic guitar […]

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How Many Rhythm Guitar Tracks Are Available In 2022?

When writing an instrumental song, there are two main sections that most artists include. These are usually referred to as the verse section or the pre-chorus section. The first one is typically called the intro or rhythm guitar track because this element only features sound effects made using your guitar. This is also how most […]

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How To Play Rhythm Of The Rain On Guitar

A rhythm is any pattern or sequence of notes that occur at a specific speed and are repeated consistently. There are many types of rhythms, such as syncopated, dotted, tritone (or augmented), half note, whole note, etc. You can use one of these types of rhythms in a song anywhere there’s space for it to […]

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