Making Connections Through Live Music - An Interview with Karen Shiraishi

You're probably tired of hearing about those age-old pandemic restrictions by now, but for musicians all around the world, it's hard to forget just how different life was when live music simply wasn't allowed.    It almost sounds like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel or a prog-rock concept album, but for nearly two […]

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This is How to Prepare for a Concert Performance

You've booked an upcoming show. Great news, right? It's a chance to showcase your skills and get some performance experience.    But hold on, are you ready for the show? Do you feel confident in your abilities and the abilities of everyone you'll be playing with? How many people are going to show up to […]

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Guitarist Jason Ji Talks Instruments, Shows, and Film Work

Bingfan 'Jason' Ji is a powerhouse guitarist and singer-songwriter, and his passion for sharing music from a huge range of genres and styles has kept him busy, to say the least.  Ji has been a part of so many notable performances through the years, including a performance for the major broadcast program China's Got Talent […]

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How Much Can You Make From Songwriting?

A lot of people get into song writing as a way to make money. While it is definitely possible to make good money with your songs, this isn’t always the case. It takes a very long time for most artists to be paid even half of what they are worth. In fact, some artists don’t […]

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How To Get An Agent For Songwriting

As mentioned before, being able to write your own songs is a great way to get into songwriting. Plus, most people can’t sing their asses off, so it makes sense that writing lyrics is important! However, while having a talent for poetry is helpful, it’s not enough to be a good lyricist. You have to […]

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How To Get Good At Songwriting

As we already discussed, songwriters are very creative people that use music to express their emotions and/or convey messages. Their songs can be totally new songs written for a recording artist or they can be adaptations of other songs with lyrics added in. Most professional songwriters start writing their own songs when they were teenagers. […]

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