Interview: DJ Stella Key (Setareh Zenouz) Talks Gear, Sets, and Checking the Vibe

We managed to snag an interview with the highly successful DJ, producer, and singer, Setareh Zenouz, who performs as Stella Key.    With over 20 million song streams, Ms. Zenouz is a globally-recognized musician whose achievements have surpassed borders and entire continents.    Her music has become a staple on some of the most respected […]

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Composing a Career: Shiyu Chen on TV, Networking, and Inspiration

Here at Jam Addict, we've had the chance to interview quite a few composers, and it's been great every single time. What can we say; we like talking to professionals who know their stuff, and each guest has a unique way of composing music.   It takes serious skill to even qualify for a composing […]

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Interview: Imogen Ray, Merchandising Manager Extraordinaire

When you decide to go to a concert, it's easy to take it for granted that artists will have merch for sale. For smaller bands, that will most likely mean a few t-shirts, some physical media, and some stickers.    But for larger artists embarking on world tours, the variety of merch and the logistics […]

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The Unconventional Music of Antonio Ibrahine: How His Big Band Sound and Sound Design Elements Elevated “The Audience” to New Heights

As our readers know, music composition is the art of creating music through the use of various elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. It involves combining these elements in a way that evokes emotions, tells a story, or conveys a message. Music composition is a highly creative process that requires both technical skills […]

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Noa Bar Talks Influences and Collaborators - A Jam Addict Interview

We have with us today an immensely talented singer-songwriter: Noa Bar.    Noa has been working as a professional recording artist and performer for a few years now, and already she's made a major impact on the music world in her home country of Israel, here in the United States where she now lives, and […]

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Making Connections Through Live Music - An Interview with Karen Shiraishi

You're probably tired of hearing about those age-old pandemic restrictions by now, but for musicians all around the world, it's hard to forget just how different life was when live music simply wasn't allowed.    It almost sounds like something out of a dystopian sci-fi novel or a prog-rock concept album, but for nearly two […]

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