New Beginner Drum Fills - A Guide

The bass drum has many sonic applications. While it may not be the main focus of a lot of drummers, it does deserve a fair bit of love. Since the bass drum only plays three beat drum rolls, it is fairly easy to jam over and sing along to. Furthermore, there are certain bass drum […]

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Learn Guitar While You Sleep!

So you want to learn guitar while you are in the comfort of your bed at night? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and sit down with a guitar and start shredding the licks you were dreaming about? Unfortunately, no such method exists—yet. Perhaps in the future we can download different skills to our […]

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Easiest Way to Learn Guitar Chords Fast! ?

What is the EASIEST way to learn guitar chords fast? As a beginner guitarist, one of the toughest things to conquer is quickly and smoothly changing between chords. For example – we might learn the chords to one of our favorite tracks or a new chord shape.  But when it concerns making songs with these […]

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8 Great Offline Apps for Learning Guitar

As with all great artistic endeavors, the guitar is much harder than it looks. But it's also worth the effort since it gives you a new skill for the rest of your life. Playing guitar is one of the more rewarding things I've ever learned, and I highly recommend it. Sadly, due to work, time […]

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Can I Learn Guitar on PS4 or Xbox One?

Is it possible to learn guitar by playing a videogame? With technological advancement in full flight, there has actually never been a better time to start playing the guitar. Following the remarkable success of games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Ubisoft took up the opportunity to make something that would take guitar playing and […]

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6 Best Apps to Learn Guitar

Becoming a self-taught rockstar has never been easier! Let's take a look at these top-rated guitar teacher apps to find the tool you need to achieve your goals. Every app has its own specialty, depending on what you need to work on and where you are as a guitar learner. Most of these are pay […]

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