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7 Songs about Violence and War

Violence and war aren’t the obvious choices of inspiration when composing a song. Usually people sing about love, or losing love, or wishing they had love, or basically anything love-related. Barring that, they might write lyrics reflecting on partying, or how awesome the party they are at is, or how they are going to make […]

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7 Unusual Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona has some of the best dining experiences in the world. The Michelin Guide awarded 24 restaurants in the city at least one Michelin star in 2019. That’s a lot of seriously good food you could get very fat on. But dinner isn’t always about quality. Sometimes, you want an experience to go along with […]

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9 Famous Eccentric Women

There were a lot of women considered eccentric in their time because they wanted crazy things like the ability to vote or work or love another lady.  This list is not about those women, because history is littered with examples of eccentric women who were really were just plain weird. They were usually rich: wealthy […]

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Easiest Way to Learn Guitar Chords Fast! 💨

What is the EASIEST way to learn guitar chords fast? As a beginner guitarist, one of the toughest things to conquer is quickly and smoothly changing between chords. For example – we might learn the chords to one of our favorite tracks or a new chord shape.  But when it concerns making songs with these […]

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Can you Learn Guitar with Video Games?

While Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the leaders in the music video game market, they don't necessarily teach you how to play an instrument. You may get really good at slamming down those colored buttons, and rhythmically you may learn a little something—but translating it to the guitar is game entirely. Nick Mason, a […]

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11 Drums Used in Reggae Music

The drums in reggae music have always worked to give this amazing music its distinguishable sound. Reggae music although it originated in Jamaica, has roots back to Africa, which means many of the instruments that are used tend to be African or Afro-Cuban. These days, modern reggae music uses the drum set, which is common […]

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AMAZING Triplets Exercises For The DRUMS

In this article, we will discuss triplets and how to apply them on the drums. We will also give our favourite triplet exercises on the drums. Essentially, a triplet is a pair of rhythms. A triplet is three measures played at the same time. A set of triplets can be played in all parts of […]

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An Interview with Joris Hoogsteder on VR Music

An experienced composer for TV, film, and video games, Joris Hoogsteder is excited to be pushing the boundaries of music listening, and for him, a lot of that has to do with what's known as VR music.  In addition to working on a number of entertainment projects, including several video game projects with Moonwalk Audio, […]

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New EXCLUSIVE Tracks From Jay Lifton & Lee Reitelman (Sister of the Groom OST)!!

The upcoming film Sister of the Groom follows Audrey (Alicia Silverstone) as she heads to the Hamptons for her brother's wedding. As she arrives, chaos ensues between her family, her brother's French fiance, and the surprise arrival of her ex.  To accompany the film, composer Jay Lifton was in charge of creating a score to […]

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New Podcast 'GATSBY FRIDAYS' Explores Design and Creative Careers 

'GATSBY FRIDAYS' is a podcast that, at its heart, is about creativity, and its hosts, Serra Semi and Alex Chimilio, are well-acquainted with many different iterations of creativity in a professional context.  With experience and expertise in visual arts, design, fashion, and film, the pair launched 'GATSBY FRIDAYS' as a way to explore creativity in […]

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It Moves You: The Impact of Music on Contemporary Dance

Here at JamAddict we love to talk about music and music performance, but it's not very often that we get to talk about other types of performance where music is crucial but not necessarily the star of the show.  All of us know that music is extremely important to all kinds of media and entertainment. […]

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Key Tips: How to Get Rid of Nerves Before a Performance 

All performers have experienced some kind of stage fright before performing or being recorded. If there's someone out there who has told you they've never felt stage fright, they're probably not being completely honest with you.  If you've been struggling with this sensation, a big question in your mind might be how to get rid […]

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Promo Panda Review

Music, the media, and you As music writers, we here at Jam Addict receive a lot of submission and review requests.  Musicians, particularly those who are just starting their journey to become professionals, are constantly looking for opportunities to be covered in music blogs.  And here’s the big problem –  it can be tough to […]

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Charles Carter on Editing Acclaimed Short Film 'Single' 

There's a parallel between music and film editing. Both rely heavily on rhythm, tone, and context to give the audience a specific impression or to provide them with simple and complex feelings.  So when we came across a short film titled 'Single,' released earlier this year to very positive critical reviews, we knew that we […]

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