8 Types of Drum Beats and their Names

Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate what you want from a drummer or what you want to do as a drummer to the rest of the band. There are some phrases that one should know when describing different kinds of drum beats. 1. The "Money Beat" The name says it all. This is the beat […]

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This is How Quinto and Tumba Drums Are Played

Fun drums you can play with your hands! A lot of my fellow Jam Addict team members are drummers. Drums and percussion are actually the most popular instruments here in the office (guitar is the second most popular, in case you’re wondering).  The other day I was going through the Jam Addict Compound studio and […]

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4 Amazing Air Drumsticks That Make Noise On Their Own!

A drumset you can play anywhere! Imagine this — you are on a park bench in your college campus and you want to jam out a bit before having to catch your next class. You don't have a drum kit in your dorm, but you do have seemingly tons of extra time that you could […]

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The Drums You Sit On: History and Use of Cajón

The cajón drum is a percussion instrument that can be used to play many different styles of music. It means literally, crate or drawer in Spanish. They look like this: Cajons are primarily used in styles that include flamenco, jazz, and Afro-Peruvian music. But they are commonly employed today by bands and artists playing acoustic […]

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Is it Possible to Learn to Play Drums Without a Drum Set?

It is completely possible to learn to play drums without a drum set. Although it is much more fun to play drums on a real kit, sometimes we don't have the space for it or are living in an apartment or we don't have the money for an electronic kit which is another option if […]

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How to Learn Songs on Drums By Ear 👂

Learning drums is an amazingly fun challenge, and if you have a good ear and learn the basics you can start a snowball effect and learn many songs! If you learn the ability to pick out drum parts from the actual recording not only can you learn way more songs, your drumming will be way […]

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